Top 5 Reasons To Visit New Zealand

This morning I looked out of the window. It was mostly grey, but on the bright side….it didn’t rain. Yeah, just another day in the fall. Falls here in the Netherlands are mostly like that. You are lucky when it doesn’t rain and really, really lucky when you see some sunshine. The weather doesn’t get me down, however it did make me also realize that I was really lucky be an expat here. It was then that the top 5 reasons to visit New Zealand first dawned on me.

No worries mate

Even in the winter there is lots of sun here. On the west coast it was raining, buy hey…when doesn’t it not rain on the west coast, right? But it’s not only the sun that made me have a fantastic time. It’s also the amazing people that I have met during my 9 month stay in New Zealand, but what are now the most awesome things about New Zealand:

Relaxed lifestyle: That’s not only the best thing in New Zealand, but the best thing when you travel. The only thing is what you think about is what are you going to do today and where are you going to sleep tonight. That’s most awesome feeling in the world and that’s why I love traveling so much. No worries about money or things that you have to do. Just living your life and enjoy 🙂

The charm of the traffic: Sure, New Zealand isn’t most biggest country and certainly doesn’t have the biggest roads, but that doesn’t matter. It makes people more nice, they are taking an effort. It’s normal for trucks to stop along the road to pass you by. Everyone actually stops when you want to cross a road. Yeah, I know! Unbelievable, right?

That Wanaka Tree at Lake Wanaka in New Zealand is iconic -- an example of the stunning scenery here, one of the top reasons to visit New Zealand

The stunning scenery: There is a reason that every professional photographer raves about how amazing the scenery of New Zealand is and why it is the #1 destination to practice/improve photography skills. I travelled quite a bit in Asia (8 months) and in Australia (4 months) and off course Europe, where I’m from, but there’s nothing like the scenery in New Zealand. It’s the most amazing scenery I’ve ever seen. Lakes, Mountains, Forrest and you gotta love all the deserted beaches. Can also be quit annoying, though. You have to stop like every 10 minutes, because of the change of landscape and the amazing view, but it’s all worth it.

Lake Wanaka and That Wanaka Tree in New Zealand
Lake Wanaka featuring #ThatWanakaTree

Pub and cafe culture: New Zealand has just like Australia a big pub and cafe culture. A good barista isn’t hard to find. So do you have a business meeting or just meeting a friend. The barrista is bet place to go and on Friday everyone heads to the pub. Have one of the most amazing wines of New Zealand or one of the different beers New Zealand has to offer. Always a good way socialize with your colleagues or your best mates! 😀

Hndertwasser public toilet exterior

Toilets everywhere: Okay, so if the last 4 reasons didn’t convince you, this one definitely will. You probably know the feeling, you’re in the middle of nowhere and have to pee. No worries, even at the most deserted places there’s a toilet and always super clean and free of charge. One time I was doing one of the great walks, the Abel Tasman track. I found myself on a totally deserted beach. Just me and the birds. I almost felt like Robinson Crusoe totally on a deserted island. There was literally nothing there except a toilet hidden in the bush. What more do you want, right? 😉

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5 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons To Visit New Zealand”

  1. One of my best fellow bloggers just went to New Zealand. I am waiting for the photos and her first brief review of the country. I’m happy to read the lifestyle is so calm and easy going plus the scenery is so beautiful. I bet she is having a wonderful time right now. By the way, New Zealand is on my bucket list so I will keep these reasons in mind when planning to next trip and having some doubts 🙂

  2. Jessica..loved your writing style! You really made me want to visit New Zealand …maybe by the end of this year(if budget allows..!)

    • Thanks Sunu for the compliment. You should definetly visit New Zealand. It’s an amazing country. I love it!


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