The Rickshaw Run FAQ

Is It Safe?

That depends on your definition of safe. By western standards not in the slightest — which is why we are doing it.

So The Rickshaws Are Crap?

Yes. There will not be any new and shiny models here. The ones we will be driving will have been used and abused beyond belief. Stories abound of people breaking down before they can even get their rickshaw to the starting line.

  And now that The Adventurists know that we are bloggers and experienced world travelers, I have basically been assured that we will receive the shittiest rickshaw in all of India:

  I wouldn’t want two seasoned travellers like you and Ryan to have things too easy on the Rickshaw Run though. That would make for some very dull blogs indeed. We’re not Intrepid travel, we want you guys to get in trouble.

If you’re not out of your depth, you’re still in the kiddie pool.  

Teen Romanchak Yaar has already made alliances with a couple of other kick-ass teams, one of which even has a drone. So get ready for an exciting run and some wild videos! Make sure to subscribe to the HoliDaze YouTube channel and tune in daily using #RickshawRun #TeenRomanchakYaar

class=”bold2″>How Can I Support You?

We already raised over $4,000 for charity but now have also started a fundraiser to help offset the overwhelming costs associated with this race and all the required electronic gear and rickshaw accessories / spare parts. If you have a few dollars that you can spare, please help us. As a way of showing our gratitude we will mail you a gift from India after the race:

Thank You All SOOOOO Much!

We appreciate all your support (in no particular order): Nellie Huang, Susan Magee, Lauren Bassart, Amrita Das, JD Degtjarewsky, Sandy Andrews, Lola Dimarco, Shane Yeager, Sunil Sharma, Julie Greene, Kat Simpson and four additional donors who wish to remain anonymous 🙂 Thanks to all your help we are more than halfway to our $1,000 goal!

Thanks again everyone and keep an eye on the mail next month for your gift from India!

(And if you happy to have any bored millionaires as friends, please do send them our way. Thanks!

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