Spruce Up Your Holidays With These Outdoor Activities

Finding the right outdoor activity during the holidays is important; it keeps everyone in the household active, entertained and even plays a part in family bonding. Nothing is worse than feeling bored except when others complain about feeling bored. Kinda makes you feel guilty, right?

Outdoor activities are a great way to get rid of this guilt. Plus there are so many other benefits to being outside and active, especially if your family struggles to get enough exercise. To help spruce up your holidays, here are some outdoor activities you should consider.

Bike Riding

Going on a bike ride is an excellent way to get everyone outside and active. A bike ride can be enjoyed around your local neighborhood or local bike trail, or you can pack up and explore somewhere completely different and make a day of it.

Bike trails are the best places to ride your bike if you have young children because the roads are usually in scenic areas and are well-maintained, making the ground perfect for everyone involved.

Go Camping

Camping can be great fun when done correctly and can be enjoyed anywhere, including the backyard. If you want to be close to the comforts of home, then camping in the backyard is ideal.

Camping in a tent
Get outdoors and go camping. It does a body good.

If you want to get closer to nature and enjoy completely new surroundings, then packing up and going to a campsite or a safe camping destination is a cheap and exciting break for you and all the family to enjoy – even the dog!


Climbing mountains is an adventurous and active outdoor activity that will get everyone involved fit and healthy. Mountaineering will allow you to see the world from a completely different perspective, and get up close with nature. These experiences will create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Snow-capped Colorado mountain
Welcome to Colorado — it starts out flat then BOOM! mountains

Mountaineering can be enjoyed by the entire family, depending on the steepness, height, and safety of the mountains you choose to climb. If there are no mountains nearby, hiking is another great alternative.


Gardening can be a highly productive outdoor activity with which to get the family involved. There are many things you can do while gardening. You can improve the look and practicality of your yard, through planting flowers, tidying it up and changing your outdoor features.

You can make your backyard more nature-friendly by adding the right type of plants, adding bird feeders, building a compost heap and making an insect hotel.


Kayaking is a unique and exciting outdoor activity for everyone who loves the water and nature. There are a number of different forms of kayaking. Recreational kayaking is the safest and most common form of kayaking and is the best way to learn how to kayak. It can be enjoyed by all the family.

Learning how to operate standing kayaks in Colorado
Learning how to operate standing kayaks in Colorado Springs

Consider tandem kayaking with friends and fishing while kayaking recreationally. If you love adrenaline-pumping activities, once you perfect your skills, you can look into kayaking in rapids or the deep sea. 😉


Finding a sport that you and the family can enjoy is the perfect way to get outdoors and active. There are so many sports to choose from, so finding something that suits everyone may take time, but it is definitely possible. You can play competitively or just for fun.

Most sports can be enjoyed anywhere outdoors, as long as you have the right equipment, enough space, and the right number of people to play a game.

Finding an outdoor activity that you love and enjoy will inspire others to take part in. Getting yourself outdoors is extremely beneficial to your mental and physical health, so it should not be overlooked.

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