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3 Amazing (and Accessible) Vacation Destinations For Wheelchair Users

One billion people, or an impressive 15% of the world’s population experiences some form of disability. However, when it comes to ...
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Unique and Unusual: 6 Offbeat Things To Do In Sydney, Australia

Unique and offbeat activities and adventures make every destination more exciting. Thankfully, Sydney has a world of quirky, cool, and ...
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Best Boat Trips From Sydney

The beauty of having a boat is the travel freedom it provides. Ironically, that can also be a downside — ...
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Melbourne vs Sydney ― A Checklist

History Both cities belong to the oldest settlements in Australia and try to preserve old building and sights. In Sydney, ...
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Flying Over Sydney, Australia

Man’s oldest dream has been to fly and thankfully nowadays this goal is within reach of each of us. Unfortunately ...
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