Best Boat Trips From Sydney

The beauty of having a boat is the travel freedom it provides. Ironically, that can also be a downside — too many options of where to cruise. Not just short cruises and day trips, but also longer, more exciting adventures. The world is your oyster now! And while Sydney is a great place to call home, the Harbour is a bit busy and the lure of the waves is always calling. So the next time you feel like taking your boat our for a spin and/or a quick getaway, head to one of these destinations:

Aerial view of Sydney Harbour in Australia

  The Best Boat Trips From Sydney Harbour

Broken Bay-Hawkesbury

Over millennia the waters of the Hawkesbury River have carved out a deep, intricate and expansive collection of waterways. With so many small nooks and crannies to explore here there is no reason to ever visit the same exact spot twice. Feel the need to go ashore? No worries, there are plenty of small marinas and safe anchor points, as well as several national parks to explore. For that reason no matter how often I cruise up to Hawkesbury, I am still never bored by it.

Clarence River (aka Big River)

The beauty of the aptly-nicknamed Big River is that your fun doesn’t stop a few kilometres upstream….it just keeps on going and going! Even 150km upstream there massive gorges, cliffs and underwater sinkholes. This region is home to some of the best produce and largest prawns in the country. Just make sure you have plenty of time to explore because after one glimpse, you’ll be in no rush to return to the chaotic Harbour.

Clarence River in New South Wales, one of the best boat trips from Sydney, Australia
Clarence River (aka Big River) in New South Wales, one of the best boat trips from Sydney, Australia

Port Stevens

Newcastle is for newbies. The real boating fun lies just north, at Port Stevens, one of the most boater-friendly regions on the entire coast. Ramps and moorings are everywhere, as are sights and activities (both water- and land-based). Islands and coves also abound here and are just begging to be explore. However the area’s real claim to fame is Myall Lake and the Myall Lakes National Park, located further upriver. Definitely not one to miss out on.


The attraction with Illawarra is not the rivers but the coastline and numerous bays. From Lake Illawarra on down to Jervis Bay (the boaters’ jewel of the region) there are tons of water-based activities and sights to explore. Scattered throughout the region are a variety of small towns and villages for you to go ashore and rest a night (or three). Did I mention that since there is no more commercial net fishing here, this has become one of the best recreational fishing areas on the eastern coast of Australia 😉

  Unfortunately, at some point you must return home to a land-based lifestyle. Sad times, I know. Although I cannot help with that, perhaps this is a convenient time to mention my boat-sitting skills — sometimes referred to as “houseboat-babysitting” — and remind you of my near-perfect record. In three decades I’ve only lost one house (and zero boats, I feel necessary to add again) to circumstances beyond my control. That not only, 1) puts my success rate at 91.66% but 2) it also statistically proves I have a better chance of being struck by lightning than of having a second 😉

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