Tbilisi Street Art @ Nikoloz Baratashvili Bridge

I never expected to discover so much street art in Tbilisi, Georgia. Turns out that the city has quite a few emerging new artists eager to leave their mark. However, unlike most other capital cities, a large portion of Tbilisi street art is actually underground. Some of the coolest murals can be found adorning the walls and staircases of underground tunnels, walkways and shopping centers scattered around town.

Tbilisi street art at Nikoloz Baratashvili Bridge

Street art is like a window into the minds of local citizens and their daily life. Some places it is more whimsical, others more political.

Tbilisi street art located at Nikoloz Baratashvili Bridge in Georgia

Street Art @ Nikoloz Baratashvili Bridge

Tbilisi street art of a monkey that I found at Nikoloz Baratashvili Bridge

All of the photos in this post were found in the same place: in the tunnels underneath and staircases of the Nikoloz Baratashvili Bridge near Tbilisi Old Town and Liberty Square. A map is included further down.

Tbilisi street art at Nikoloz Baratashvili Bridge
Here was reality by Gagosh now replaced with a screensaver by City Hall

Gagosh is the pseudonym of a Tbilisi-based street artist whose work protests social issues such as the shortage of green space in Tbilisi, labor rights, unemployment, air pollution, social stigmas, the inconvenience of Tbilisi streets for disabled people, exceeded politics and lack of love in society.   See More

Huge Tbilisi street art I found in an underground tunnel
Huge Tbilisi street art I found in an underground tunnel

Tbilisi Street Art Map

Street art does not usually come with a map. (Notable exceptions include the street art in Penang, Malaysia and Changdong Art Village in South Korea.) However one artist was nice enough to paint a map and detailed description of the artwork underneath the Nikoloz Baratashvili Bridge.

Unfortunately it is all in Russian — except for the part that says “for English translation try to turn the page then ask your Russian-speaking friend to translate.”

Map of Tbilisi street art at Nikoloz Baratashvili Bridge
The artwork is spread across both the east and west banks of the Nikoloz Baratashvili Bridge inside the tunnels and stairs back to street level. The middle portion of the bridge, the part that spans the Kura River, is an open-air walkway with no artwork.

There is plenty of other artwork scattered around the streets of Tbilisi, however this was the largest collection that I found in any one place here.

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Know of any other good street art spots?

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