The Best Travelling Ideas for Sports Fans

Combining travelling with another hobby – like sampling food or taking photos – is a brilliant idea to get even more pleasure out of your travels. Sport is another one of the very best ways of adding to any sort of trip, so how can this be done in a way that suits your style? 

Make a Once in a Lifetime Trip to a Major Event

We would all love to be there for a momentous moment that is watched on TV by millions and goes down in the history books. Whether it is a record-breaking run in an Olympics final or a Super Bowl that it decided in the last minute, this is an unforgettable sort of experience for anyone.

Of course, there is no way of knowing which event is going to be truly memorable like the 1975 MLB World Series win for the Cincinnati Reds, or the classic NBA final between the Boston Celtics and the Phoenix Suns the following year.

Yet, if you go to a major event, it will linger long in your memory, even if the game itself isn’t a classic. If you go to an NBA match you might witness the rise of one of the best power forwards in NBA history or one of the best quarterbacks in NFL games.

The travelling to get there, the build-up and the atmosphere will all combine to give you some amazing memories.

Sepak Takraw match at SEA Games 2015

See a New Sport

Travelling is one of the best opportunities that we get in life to try something new. Different food, new methods of transport and a new language are some of the things you might most enjoy, so why not add some freshness to your sports too?

Asia is a great place to do this, as sports like kabaddi and sepak takraw are types of games you’ll probably never have seen anywhere else. Kabaddi is hugely popular in India, Iran, and Pakistan, with players running and tagging each other. Sepak takraw sees players knock a woven ball over a net.

In Australia, they have their own version of football that is followed by fervent supports. Aussie rules football is like a mixture of various other sports and is one of the toughest, most physical sports in the world. 

Calcio Florentino Storico — otherwise known as “historic football”

Take in a Crazy Sport

Globe-trotting also gives you a chance to see some of the world’s strangest sports. If you go to the UK you are spoiled for choice, from cheese rolling to toe wrestling and giant medieval soccer matches that are played over the length of an entire village.

Florence in Italy is home to calcio fiorentino storico, a brutal ball game mixed with wrestling that has been played there since the 16th century. The final is held in June and is a wonderful, colorful occasion for any tourists that love sporting action.

As we look around the planet, we can see more weird sports that could spice up your travels. From fireball soccer in Indonesia to elephant polo in Nepal and from hobbyhorsing in Finland to the Lumberjack World Championships in Wisconsin, there is something for every taste.

See More Panjat Pinang, The Slippery Traditional Game of Indonesia
The Wife Carrying World Championships in Finland

Get Playing as You Travel

You might be understandably wary at taking part in any of the weird events that we just looked at. However, if you have a favorite sport then taking part in it as you travel is one of the very best ways of adding some spice to your trip.

Some sports are popular pretty much everywhere on Earth. Wherever you go on your travels, it is likely that you see people playing soccer, basketball or tennis. Fans all over the world are interested in watching athletics or boxing and in getting the latest golf betting advice too. Why not ask what you need to do join in and then add some extra fun to the adventure in this way?  It will give a completely different view of the culture and a chance to make some new friends.

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