The Hamptons – More Than Just A Millionaire’s Hideaway

What comes to mind when the Hamptons are described? Most people would think of quiet, secluded luxury, Victorian-style mansions and private helicopters. However, the wider tourist pull of the area is now starting to become well known, with even the UKs Telegraph newspaper making a bold case to get people visiting.

Shedding the reputation it has as a neighborhood for the super-wealthy and little else, the Hamptons are proving to be an exciting and accessible vacation destination that offers something a little different.

Dune Road, Southampton

Experiencing the beaches

One of the major pulls of the Hamptons is the plentiful coast and the beaches and coves that weave along it. With the hustle and bustle of New York City kept at arm’s length, families have long enjoyed lounging in the sun in the Hamptons, or boating at Fort Pond. While this was once the reserve of the exclusive rich, as Forbes highlights, that luxury is now much more widely available.

Beaches across the region are open to the public, they attract large crowds through the summer and shoulder seasons. The aura of foreboding privilege has left the area and provided instead a welcoming view of the beaches.

According to PlanetWare, the best to visit are Main Beach, East Hampton; Coopers Beach, Southampton; Two Mile Hollow Beach, East Hampton; and Atlantic Avenue Beach, Amagansett. Beware the winters, of course – those Atlantic waters will be freezing cold, though that crispness at the coast will be a wonderful experience.

Parrish Art Museum

Looking at the art

The relative calm of the Hamptons has always given rise to a phenomenal art scene. This is one of the major pulling points of the area, according to CNTraveler. The Parrish Art Museum, open Thursday through Monday, showcases phenomenal local art from through the years.

The Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center, in the Springs neighborhood of East Hampton, has been up since 1879 and is a National Historic Landmark – imparting a lot of great art while also giving a great history lesson on what the quiet area has been up to throughout its history.


Taste of the extreme

More conventional to the beautiful waterways of the peninsula are the extreme sports that have made their home, especially in Montauk. Time Out magazine recommends the Surf Lodge as one of the hotspots of excellent surf in the country, and also a hotspot for top quality music and nightlife. That’s good news for young couples and also kids – there’s a lot to enjoy on the water, even when the relaxed vibe of the area is put aside. Again, this is likely to be more difficult in the winter months, making summer in the Hamptons the perfect time to visit.

Shedding the veneer of privileged wealth, the Hamptons have become an everyman’s vacation dream. There really is something for everyone, whether they want relaxation, resplendent artwork, or the excitement of live music and surf sports. Consider the New York peninsula for your next vacation.

What are your favorite things to do in The Hamptons?


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