These Filipina Girls All Want Our Nuts

I can’t believe it. All these women here treat us like mother fucker celebrities. These PI girls, they all just want our nuts. And probably our money come to think of it. Jared and I will talk to one or two girls one night, and the next night they will come back to work glammed up and all pretty looking, dressed nice and fancy. However if you start talking to another woman, you will see the others all get jealous. It is mother fucking crazy! I guess they get bored of 60-yr-old dick lol…..damn I’m a little drunk now…

Flashback to our first night here in the Philippines…

It was nearly sunset by the time we first arrived at Subic Bay, but when we did we were immediately the subject of attention with all the ladies, being two young, good-looking, and obviously loaded guys. Jared and I spent a few minutes unloading and checking out our rooms before heading downstairs to play a cpl laid-back games of pool while switching to liquor. However it took only seconds for word to spread and the next thing you know about a dozen “working girls” started one-by-one coming inside from the attached disco to see what was up with us young gringos.

PI Girls at Gecko's in Angeles City
The women here were so shocked to see two young 20-year-olds…we were chased

These Filipina Girls All Want Our Nuts  

Two of them basically put the other girls in check and claimed Jared and I as their own. Next thing you know we are playing a team game of pool with the “working girls” as our partners. The booze keeps flying, now the girls are drinking, and next thing you know they are making out with Jared and I. I had been awake for something like 48 hrs though so I called it a night right around when the prostitute kept asking to “go upstairs.” No way you are getting my money six hours after I landed in this country, no way!

Even after she tried to ask Jared what room I was in so she could go upstairs and crawl into bed with me. Luckily he didn’t tell her. And I didn’t get raped and/or stuck with a prostitute’s bill. At least none have tried to rape me again since our first night here lol I don’t wanna be taking any unexpected travelers home with me, if ya catch my drift 😉

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This post was originally published back when this blog was still known as Shibuya Daze, a drunken, laughable travel blog intended only for friends that eventually evolved into The HoliDaze. Why are you reading this old thing when you could be enjoying my recent adventures and mishaps 😉

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