Things to Know About the Big Bear Region

When it comes to finding the perfect location to relax, the Big Bear Region is one of Southern California’s most beloved locations. The region has the best activities to offer that helps a person connect with nature while also having fun with other people.

Besides, there are hundreds of cabins for rent in Big Bear, which is why you need not worry about lodging if you do not like the idea of setting up a tent. There are many adventures that you can do in Big Bear, such as skiing during the winter and kayaking in the Big Bear Lake during the summertime.

Big Bear during the winter
Big Bear during the winter

If you are visiting the region anytime soon, here are some things you should know to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Everywhere is a picture-perfect scenery.

Mountains surround the Big Bear Region, and during the winter, the snow blanketing the mountain top like an ice cream topping creates a scenic view. On the other hand, during summer, the trees in the village turn into a perfect blend of maroon, purple, and maple, creating a movie-like backdrop. At every turn and every season, the Big Bear Region is a picturesque place. The Big Bear Region is the fool-proof and go-to place when you are looking for relaxation.

Sunset over the mountains of Big Bear Lake
Sunset over the mountains of Big Bear Lake

It is a favorite place among athletes.

Because of Castle Rock Trail, there are hundreds of athletes, especially marathoners, who visit the region. The Castle Rock Trail is primarily famous due to the number of activities that you can do regardless of your fitness level. Beginners opt to walk, and professionals, on the other hand, prefer to bike, run, and hike the more challenging areas of the trail. 

You can find bald eagles.

Spotting a bald eagle in Southern California is relatively common. However, there is an increasing demand to protect and preserve them since they are the United States’ national bird. As such, several zoos collaborate with wildlife protection programs to help create a system where tourists can see bald eagles while also keeping them safe.

Bald eagle spotted flying over Big Bear Lake in Southern California
Bald eagle spotted flying over Big Bear

Currently, bald eagles are not available for public viewing during their nesting to fledgling period. For that reason, you may want to call the zoo that you will be visiting on the availability of bald eagle viewing.

March to June are ‘Off-Season.’ 

Generally speaking, the Big Bear Region attracts a significant number of tourists every day. If you want to avoid a more massive crowd, it is better to visit the region anytime from March till June. However, do not expect the area to be entirely quiet as even in its off-season, there is still quite a number of visitors, albeit severely less as compared to the peak seasons.

Big Bear Lake in Southern California
Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is human-made.

One of the fun facts that people get shocked about is the history of the Big Bear Lake, specifically that it is a human-made lake. It was in the 1880s when the construction of a dam to supply water to farmlands began. Eventually, the single-arch granite that was created helped in forming the Big Bear Lake.

Lodging is one of the region’s top industries.

Considering that nearly millions of tourists visit the location annually, cabins for rent in Big Bear is one of the most competitive industries in the area. With its growing tourist economy, lodging providers are undoubtedly more in demand.

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