Tokyo may I ask you a question?

Man I do not even know where to begin Tokyo when we first met I was nervous and you were so busy, But every day you seemed to impress me more and more. All the thoughts of the past cities in my life started drifting away and alas I think I’m falling in love. Why didn’t I meet you sooner well forgot that no time to think about the past. I am looking toward the future now I know I have a lot to do but I wont let you down I made a promise. So with that being said Tokyo will you make me the luckiest man in the world and except this proposal of marriage. One year I will return and we will grow old together forever and ever.

Seriously I fucking love Tokyo everything from the culture to the food the air it’s the best. With the connections ive made to I think my chances of the clothing line coming to life a very vibrant life very quickly it is funny fucking lucky kind of describes a lot of the situations and my life perfectly. I feel so blessed to have the good times good friends and opportunities . We met the local celebs the last night as Derek posted then finally finally got blazed and Derek as he said met his future wife man talk about smitten cute couple though right? I also met yuka probably the coolest chick in all of Japan. We didn’t realize it but the older girls there are a lot more fun to hang out with well older people in general. Pretty much all of the of our peers act like kids but still all great people. As soon as I get back I am going to hire a designer and start the LuckinFucky empire and hopefully with the help of Yoshi. Who has sold his jewelry to every from Ricky Martin to Lenny Kravitz start in Tokyo and expand to new York then Austin. Also I got I kept getting called ricky martin cause people there said I look like him lol yeah but since Yoshi has actually met him I figured I cant say shit. Now we are in the Philippines such a change of pace here very I opening sad crazy and beautiful all at the same time make you think. See you soon America and to all my friends reading this WE NEED TO CHILL SOON.

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Jared is an on-and-off traveler and childhood friend of Derek, frequently joining him in random countries on sporadic adventures. If leaving women at an airport were an Olympic event he would surely win the gold. He once even whored himself out and sent the money to Derek so that Derek could buy his way out of a tricky situation. Recently however Jared has been forced back into the 9-5 but hopefully one day soon he will be able to break free again and resume traveling full-time.

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About JWZM

Jared is an on-and-off traveler and childhood friend of Derek, and frequently joins him in random countries for some wild adventures. Recently he has been forced back into the 9-5, but hopefully one day soon he will be able to break free again and resume traveling.

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