Tokyo Party Scene: The Beginning Of My Story

I Am Heading Off To Japan In Less Than 48 Hours!

Well, guys and gals, the time is finally drawing near. I am rushing to not only get Shibuya Daze up and ready but also to get myself packed and ready. Let me start off nice and simple with some pictures of Tokyo, particularly Shibuya, one of the most popular wards of Tokyo and soon to be my home for the remainder of this year — as well as the namesake behind this site. My buddy Jared will be traveling with me for the first few weeks, but after that I am out on my own. This is going to be the adventure of a lifetime! For years it’s been all-work no-play 360 days but now I’m breaking free and eater to hit the Tokyo party scene! I’ve got money in the bank and am eager to start spending it 😉

Many of you have already told me what you want, but for those who haven’t yet, time is running out… This is your last call! Shoot me an email or better yet just call me and let me know what you want from Tokyo! I will be sending back a few dozen shot glasses, t-shirts, and other basic memorabilia to pass around, but you got to specify all custom orders. That includes anything electronic, katanas, kimonas or other clothing, or hey even a wife! Anyway, [distracted by a phone call]… DAMNIT! Now I have no clue where I was going but damnation, I was about to go off on something. Hmmm…. Fuck it, I’ll remember later. Just let me know what souvenirs you want ASAP. Deuce.

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