The Benefits Of Being A Travel Blogger

No one will ever tell you being a blogger is easy work. It is a long, slow, painfully tedious process, often filled with doubts such as “is anyone reading this?” But to those who do it, blogging is more a labor of love than a chore. Although that is not to say it doesn’t occasionally feel like a chore..

Like any good industry, blogging does have its perks. Although obviously they tend to vary depending upon the subject matter of the blog, I would argue that travel bloggers have by far the best spoils. Obviously the most common would be free lodging at pretty much an endless supply of hotels and resorts worldwide, but there are also free excursions, discounted cruises, new gadgets and gizmos test to out on the road, firsthand access to new online ventures and startups… The list goes on and on. But what type of benefits can a book blogger have..? Besides the obvious occasional free book. What about a blogger of social media trends?

Another beauty of being a travel blogger is that pretty much anyone can do it. I am not saying that everyone can travel the globe. Thanks to customs and immigration that sadly is just not possible. But at least you can explore your hometown and hopefully travel your home country. That’s a perfect place to start!

Derek with his new Sony Tablet

So why am I saying all of this? Well there are many reasons. To encourage others to turn off the television, get out of the house and see some sights, maybe even start a blog — obviously. But I’ll admit I also had a bit of an ulterior motive to this post.

This is my first post comprised 100% on my new Sony Tablet — thank you Sony 🙂

I’ve actually set it up to be my all-in-one HoliDaze control panel. I’m not just talking about email and tweets; I’ve got admin access, site traffic monitor, all the travel apps that were clogging up my phone. With one touch I can add a new post (such as this) or upload videos to our Video Gallery — and with it’s dual camera setup its a breeze to get great video…can’t wait to test it out in Cuba!

Two mins out of the box and I could even control all the electronics in the living room, from the simple stuff like the TV and DVD player to the more complex gadgets like surround sound, projector, and even my Western Digital media player.

Now I just need to get me one of those iPad/tablet-controlled yachts that are apparently the wave of the future… 😉

What is your favorite part about being a travel blogger? Share Your Thoughts!

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  Full Disclosure As Sony did give me this kick-ass tablet for free, I felt I should give them a proper thank you.

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10 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Being A Travel Blogger”

  1. My favorite part is writing, sharing and documenting my experiences. I also really enjoy having something to go back and reflect on.

    • That explains why your blog has so many more posts than mine 😉 But I guess that is my problem — I despise the writing aspect. I don’t even like taking photographs. I would prefer to have a photographer travel with me, documenting both the scenery and my mis-adventures, which I tend to get into when I have both hands free. Maybe even a video crew one day…

  2. I have to say that what I love the most about travel blogging is how much I learn about the world. The act of travel blogging inspires my travels which is pretty cool. Also it’s a great community of people to be a part of.

    Nice tablet, BTW!

    • Excellent points Kate! I’ve been traveling for years and LOVE learning new things and experiencing new cultures…but I am definitely still new to this whole “travel blogging” thing and yet regardless, the community is an awesome one and I wish I’d discovered it sooner.

      I just want others to know there is more to the world then what is on TV, and that you don’t have to be a professional writer to find a lil success as a blogger. 🙂

  3. I love meeting new people who all enjoy travel as much as I do, and of course, one is inspired to travel even more. I hope that with my blog, I can also get people to get off their couches and go and explore, travel is just so good for the soul. Just this morning I picked up a blog about a UK family living in France and after reading that, noticed they had a website on “gittes” in France…. I became immersed in that within minutes and now I have already decided to visit France again in Sept 🙂

    • Yup, meeting new people while on the road is one of my favorite aspects about traveling, without a doubt — exactly why I was so happy when I realized there was such a great travel community on Twitter. My college buddies may have friends in a couple cities or states but I have friends in countries all over this great planet! =D

  4. Thanks for this thoughtful post, and for publishing an insightful, honest and really interesting blog. I really appreciate your approach to travel and telling it like it is. I got many new ideas and information about traveling after reading your blog.

    • Hey Conrad, appreciate the comment and support. Those were some of my main goals behind this blog, to be insightful and honest — and of course inspirational as well. Sometimes I get chastised for “telling it like it is” or being a bit too blunt or too raw, but alas I’m nothing if not honest. Let me know if you ever have any specific travel questions or if I can be of further assistance. Thanks for reading 🙂

  5. Thanks, Derek4Real for your help I must ask if I have any question about travel. I am expecting some more information about travel blogging from you in coming future. Because I love to travel all over the world and i think blogs are the best way to know about any attraction or place all over the world.

  6. Im an American that lives in Guatemala with my family. Im a natural builder in construction here. I do plumbing and can plan and wire a new construction building. A tour guide with four horse. It comes down to their is not much work here and Im ready to go Anywere in USA for work.
    Im hard working, honest, a yoga / meditation teacher too. I developed dragon yoga. Im currently a mysyery writer. I would love to work for a reputable company such as HoliDaze.
    Thank you for conscideration.
    David Dragoon
    DraigSidhe Master


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