Helpful Tips for First-Timers in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of those famous countries that everyone dreams of visiting one day. It seems like the perfect vacation for anyone who wants to get away from the city. For people who crave adventure and fun, this place should be on the checklist. Still unknown to many, this country has a lot more to offer than fresh air and thrilling activities.  Plus you will not even care about the roaming charges of your cellular operator since you can buy a NZ sim card to connect with your work or friends abroad.

Arriving my first time in New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand

Few facts about New Zealand’s capital

New Zealand is known for its love of art and architecture, so much so that they created “The Beehive.” The Beehive is at the heart of New Zealand’s capital, Wellington. One might wonder what is so special about this particular structure. It’s the place where the nation’s administrative operations are held. What’s interesting about it is its uniqueness and excellent architectural design, which is not something to be expected from a parliamentary house.

The Beehive in all its glory

Te Papa is NZ’s National Museum located in Wellington’s waterfront, and it’s not something that one might want to miss. Another notable fact about Wellington is that it is situated in an active fault line known as the Pacific Ring of Fire. The idea of an earthquake is terrifying. But as scary as it may sound, people who live in this part of the country can barely feel the said earthquakes as it’s too far underground.

How NZ travellers connect 

Every year, millions of people from all walks of life visit NZ. According to statistics, at least 45% of New Zealand’s tourists come from Australia. This information is not so surprising given the fact that Australia is only four to five hours away from NZ. Another reason is that Australian citizens don’t need visas to visit the country, which means it’s a lot easier for them to book a ticket to NZ as compared to people from other nations.

Mount Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand

Since most of the tourist population of New Zealand is made up of Aussies, how do they go around the country smoothly? One of the essential things to keep in mind during travels is how communication can be arranged. Being away from family and friends is scary, no matter if it’s the first time or not. In this case, constant communication is vital. But how can a person communicate with someone who’s outside of New Zealand?

Tools for communication

Almost everyone who travels or goes abroad has a mobile phone or laptop with them; this is because it’s a lot easier to use and carry. Since mobile phones require a NZ sim card to work, how do tourists in New Zealand use their cell phones? Sure, most telecommunication companies offer roaming services that enable people to communicate outside their country. But the service rates and fees are too high.

So what’s the best option in this scenario? It is by purchasing a sim card that would work within NZ. By doing this, any traveler or tourist can call or text their loved ones and friend abroad without the constant worry on additional charges. Aside from calling and texting, almost any NZ sim card nowadays provides data services to ensure everyone is updated on social media and other latest events and happenings worldwide. How convenient is that?

First-time travelers or not, it is best to know ways on how to keep in touch with family or loved ones outside the country so they won’t worry too much. It’s the best thing about modern technology. It enables people to communicate with one another even though they’re miles away.


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