HoliDaze Travel Videos

Holiday? Or HoliDaze

Travel without adventure is not travel, that’s commuting.
Don’t be a commuter, be a traveler.

Although I produce travel videos for a living, they are all for clients in the tourism industry. Occasionally I produce HoliDaze videos of some of the most exciting adventures — they are embedded on the posts below. Also check out the travel+food video series:   Derek Eats That!

HoliDaze Travel Videos

Rickshaw Run Videos + FAQ

Our long-awaited Rickshaw Run video series is back in full production. There are a total of six videos up so far and even more in the works.   For those…

Live Broadcasting Our Rickshaw Run!

In two days I’ll be arriving in India to begin final preparations for the Rickshaw Run, which begins April 6th. One of the unique things my team and I have…

The HoliDaze Travel Plans For 2015

As someone who makes a living off not planning anything, it feels a bit strange writing a post about my upcoming plans. Nevertheless here I am. There are so many…

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