What Facilities Should You Receive With A Jet Card Membership?

If you’re a member of the frequent private jet flyer club, you have an idea of how expensive flying private can get. When you’re looking to be more economical about your frequent flying, consider getting a Jet Card Membership.

As jet charter services are getting more common and in-demand lately, getting a membership might be able to save costs and give you priority access.

Depending on the charter service you use for your requirements, getting the membership could cost you nothing or an average annual charge. Many services have different tiers of membership available depending on how many miles you fly within a year.

Membership Period

Your membership validity can vary depending on your charter service. Most services offer an unlimited membership period which lets the customer use their membership for many years without worrying about expiration.

Unlimited membership means that you can rack up rewards and bonus points through the years without considering that they will expire with your membership. It lets you sit back and reap the benefits of your membership.

Jet Class Upgrades

Private jet charter services give you the liberty of choosing what aircraft you can use for your flying needs. The aircraft may have different seating, luggage capacities, and amenities, making each aircraft cost differently.

You can get up to three or four free jet class upgrades per year when you have a Jet Card Membership. It lets you upgrade for free when you suddenly have extra passengers or different requirements for your aircraft with no hassle at all.

Depending on what tier level membership you have, you will get a different number of free jet upgrades per year.

Peak Day Premiums

Have you ever had to travel during the holidays or other special events and faced the financial burden of peak pricing? With the ideal membership, you can pay reduced Peak Day Premiums that are more affordable for your wallet.

It lets you think less about the cost involved when you need to jet off to be with your loved ones during special occasions or the holidays. You get priority during these days, so your needs are fully met by the jet charter service you’re using.

Complimentary Allowance for Catering

Many charter services offer their passengers a full range of meals from multiple cuisines during their flight. Several select aircraft also have fully stocked kitchens available for their passengers.

With your membership, you can get several meals or a specific amount given to you annually for your catering needs. It lets you enjoy your meals on any flight you take with the charter service throughout the year complimentary.

You can compare different memberships and observe which one provides the most allowance for your dining experience. Many charter services are open to specific requests from passengers about their meals when the flight is being scheduled.

No Hassle Upgrade Eligibility

You might have had to upgrade your flight in the past due to situational circumstances, only to find out that you couldn’t go because of non-availability. It can be frustrating, especially when the upgrade is needed for an emergency.

With the perfect jet card membership, you won’t ever have to worry about not getting upgraded to a better aircraft when you need to. Jet Charter services offer their members an easy way to upgrade their aircraft and give them priority when such a request is made.

VIP Customer Service

Waiting for your customer representative to get back to you or being on hold for more than a few minutes can be a waste of time and effort for you. All charter services offer their members exclusive services, and this includes superior customer service.

Whether you call at midnight or early morning on a Saturday, a customer representative will get back to you immediately to resolve your queries and issues. They will provide end-to-end service, so you don’t have any problems booking your next charter flight.

Receive Your Jet Card Membership to Get Exclusive Perks

With the ideal membership in your pocket, your next charter flight will be more affordable and comfortable. You will be able to book more for less and enjoy free privileges.

Many jet charter services also offer aircraft for their member’s fuel surcharge on every flight they take. It lets their members save on extra fuel costs they had to pay before their membership.

Members can also get reduced Minimum Daily Flight Time, ideal for those who take frequent short distance trips but have to pay more because of daily flight requirements. Look into getting the best jet card membership for your needs that lets you avail the best privileges and rewards possible. Keep your friends, family, and colleagues secure and healthy when you travel by private jet charter.

What are your favorite Jet Card perks?

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