Some People Eat, Others Try Therapy. I Travel. But Why Do You Travel?

For those of you who read last week’s post about our new slogan debate and Jared and I’s differing views on the direction that the core HoliDaze site should take, it should come as no surprise that there was a unanimous choice for a new slogan. What is it? Well as you may have guessed:

“Some People Eat, Others See Therapists. We Travel.”

But that opens the door to an even broader question…

What do I gain out of traveling? What do others gain from traveling?

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As I’ve said time and time again, I am a traveler, not a tourist. You will not catch me halfway around the world in some posh resort eating nearly the same meals I could find back home — that would be as likely as catching me at home on Wednesday for the weekly “meatloaf night.” While I was never raised with a rotating dinner schedule, I have always said that to find myself in a situation like that would be akin to death.

I travel to learn something new. I travel to experience activities I have never tried before. I travel to learn about history, to wander through nature and see the countless species of flora and fauna this planet supports, to try new foods, to make new friends and share new memories, to practice other languages, even if just a few words. I travel because Disney’s The Lion King taught me that “there is more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done…”

Japanese Rapper Birthday Party
Attended the VIP birthday party of D.O, head rapper of the Japanese hip-hop group Motha Fuckerz. More about clubbing in Tokyo, Japan

I travel for a variety of reasons.

And yes, sometimes I travel to party too.

Many people feel mixed sentiment towards that statement. I know that in the past my saying it has caused a couple of other travelers to look at me like “Oh wow another f’ing American!” (Although for the record, only one girl has every actually said that outloud…at least to my face.)*

* It was while Jared and I were backpacking through Central America and we met a pair of backpacking ladies from Europe. Every night the two of them would go to sleep around 9pm and refused to ever come out for dinner or drinks or even any of the bands / music performances. And it did lead to a couple debates / discussions between the four of us.

I argue that if you travel multiple countries and do not — at least occasionally — experience the local nightlife, then you are not experiencing the real thing. Alcohol is the great social lubricant and in many countries the local people are very reserved until they get a few drinks in them. Any and all language barriers can be overcome with a few beers or the friendly sharing of a bottle of wine or liquor. I cannot even tell you how enlightening it is to kick back with a few locals and just bullshit over a couple beers! That has opened up more doors for me in my travels than ANYTHING else has!

Drunken Filipino Party
Alcohol. Uniting strangers since the dawn of time.

However, I can also handle a night out on the town with locals until 4am and then waking up at 8am to trek the rainforest or to do volunteer work. Not everyone can. If you are easily prone to hangovers, you might not want to go out drinking all night.

I find that I tend to only sleep between 3-5 hours a night while abroad because I don’t want to miss anything. So much to see, so much to do, and so little time! And that’s why I have to catch up on my blog and site now, before I hit the road again, because then you all won’t hear from me for awhile!

So Why Do You Travel?

Is it for the food? How about the culture?

Maybe you like the history, or the scenery…or even the nightlife?

  Share your thoughts and comments below. And as always, thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “Some People Eat, Others Try Therapy. I Travel. But Why Do You Travel?”

  1. What would you suggest as an alternative for people who don’t drink but still want to meet up with locals and have genuine interactions?

    • Good question! The first tip would be lodging — rather than hotel where you will be surrounded by tourists, go with a hostel or better yet, try out Both will allow you a close interaction with locals and easy access to lesser-known locations and activities.

      There are also other web sites for finding locals to interact with along your journey. One example is Eat With A Local, which is dedicated to sharing meals with travelers. That is another awesome way to strike up a good conversation with someone who is not just looking to empty out your wallet.


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