Offbeat Reno Activities: The Biggest Little Quirky City in the World

Reno’s big sister Las Vegas may get all the attention, however that doesn’t mean visitors to Nevada should skip Reno. The city and surrounding area has plenty to offer — besides just gambling — without the overwhelming crowds of Vegas. Plus for being a “little city” it certainly has a quirky side that is anything but little. Check out these unique and offbeat Reno activities when planning your next trip to Nevada:

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The Best Offbeat Reno Activities  

Be A Kingpin at The National Bowling Stadium

The National Bowling Stadium and Hall of Fame is one of several offbeat Reno activities
Get out of the casino and explore some offbeat Reno activities, like the National Bowling Stadium and Hall of Fame

This 78-lane bowling mega-plex is a testament to how much the citizens of Reno love the sport. The National Bowling Stadium is the largest bowling alley in the world and as such plays host to all the big bowling tournaments. It was also used in the filming of the bowling comedy classic Kingpin, remember that movie? 😉 Go on by and test your skills at the “Taj Mahal of Tenpins.”

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Take a Trip Out to The Bunny Ranch

The world famous original Bunny Ranch is one of the Offbeat Reno activities that you probably didn't even realize was in town
The world famous original Bunny Ranch is one of the Offbeat Reno activities that you probably didn’t even realize was in town

Not Family Friendly   This infamous brothel gained nationwide attention after HBO’s behind-the-scenes special about working girls and brothel life, Cathouse. This Bunny Ranch is not the type where you want to take your kids to pet the furry animals — in fact the cats here are all smooth and hairless — but for all you adventurous solo travelers out there eager for a unique experience, this is for you. Expect the night to cost you a couple hundred dollars, however be warned: it is not only possible but very easy to spend several thousand dollars here….if budget is of no concern 😉

Get Offbeat at the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame

Offbeat Reno: The National Automobile Museum
The National Automobile Museum

I bet you didn’t even know this one existed, eh? Neither did I before passing through Reno on a road trip with my off-road addict of a best friend. Turns out the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame is located downtown inside of the National Automobile Museum, making it a great destination for all sorts of motor enthusiasts. The amount of stuff inside will amaze you! Definitely a must visit and a great way to pass an hour or two.

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Adventure? Yes, Please!

Go karts, mini golf and the Ultimate Rush, oh my! Grand Adventure Land is a miniature amusement park located at the Grand Sierra Resort but open to the public, not just guests of the resort. The highlight of the park is a ride called the Ultimate Rush, a crazy combination of hang-gliding and sky-diving that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping!

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Visit the Birthplace of Denim

Did you know that Reno, Nevada is the birthplace of Levi's blue jeans?
Unique and offbeat Reno fact #47: the city is the birthplace Levi’s 501 denim blue jeans

Levi’s denim jeans are an American icon known around the world and they got their start in Reno, Nevada. First designed by Jacob Davis using Levi’s denim, the two patented the idea in 1871 and the rest is history. Although Davis’ original factory no longer exists, a plaque commemorating this historic event can be found at 233 N Virginia Street. (In other words, it is a very quick stop.) 😉

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Any other cool/quirky Reno activities?

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