Best Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

Traveling alone can always be a challenge and a daunting experience — especially for solo female travelers. The sense of nervousness can be heightened when you are a female wandering around solo. While the world is a beautiful place, it can also be scary and you shouldn’t take security lightly as a female traveler.

Nonetheless, when the travel bug bites you need to answer to its call and you don’t need to be too afraid of traveling around the world as a girl. Here are some of the destinations you should keep in mind when looking for places to go.

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Rooftop mountain view of Reykjavik, Iceland, one of the best destinations for solo female travelers
Reykjavik rooftop mountain view

If you want to see gender equality in action, then you should consider flying out to Iceland. The country has had its fair share of kick-ass women and you can be expected to meet plenty of great people in the Land of Fire and Ice. The natural beauty of this country is just breath-taking, but there are plenty of other things going for the country too. Reykjavik has quite a good nightlife and the culture on display is vibrant and fun. We also like the Icelandic food – don’t worry, it isn’t all about fish either! 😉



The old town of Dubrovnik, Croatia, one of the best destinations for solo female travelers
Welcome to Dubrovnik

You should get in on the latest tourist trends and find yourself in the beautiful coastal city of Dubrovnik. Croatia is a country with a low crime rate and the tourism industry is continuously developing, adding more excitement and opportunities for you to enjoy. The medieval city has plenty of amazing artisan shops to explore, as well as activities to enjoy. For instance, snorkeling is just a fantastic way to take in the crystal clear sea.

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Sky high view of the old town of Dubrovnik, Croatia
Sky high view of the old town of Dubrovnik



Sensō-ji Temple in Taitō-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Sensō-ji Temple is one of the must visit destinations in Tokyo, Japan

Japan is one of those countries that you just have to experience at some point in your life. While there are cities and town to explore on these magical islands, Okinawa is among the best for a solo traveler. The hustle and bustle is less confusing and chaotic, with the city offering super accessible and safe public transportion, like the Tokyo metro. The city itself has anything and everything imaginable and offers stunning solo exploring opportunities.


  Washington, United States

Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington, one of the best destinations for solo female travelers
Pike Place Market in Seattle

Solo travel can sometimes seem extra costly, but Seattle is a town that has understood the value of solo travelers. Therefore, you can find plenty of places in the city that offer special deals and entertainment for solo backpackers. There are plenty of exciting things to see aside from the fine dining and going out. You have the Space Needle, the EMP Museum and the Pike Place Market with its fantastic offerings.

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Taipei in Taiwan is one of the best destinations for solo female travelers
Taipei 101, the tallest building in Taiwan

For technology-lovers Taiwan offers plenty to see. Taipei is a slightly less consuming and overwhelming city to some of its major Asian counterparts and therefore a great destination for a female solo traveler. The city even has a Safe Waiting Zone system on the metro platforms, making travel feel a bit less daunting. The city offers plenty of shopping opportunities, not to mention the amazing cuisine you can explore from street food to fine dining.

Washington D.C.

  United States

Washington D.C., one of the best destinations for solo female travelers
Washington D.C., capital of the USA

Another great solo destination for women is Washington D.C. The place of political power has the right amount of iconic and historic buildings and places to explore, as well as modern establishments to visit. The city has a funky atmosphere to it that on its own is worth checking out. The public transport works well and finding a safe cab is never an issue in this welcoming city.


  United Kingdom

London, England is one of the best destinations for solo female travelers
London, England is one of the best destinations for solo female travelers

Finally, you could explore the charm of the British capital city. The age-old city should keep female travelers on their toes, but when you know where to be and when, you can explore some amazing things around the city. London offers culture, cuisine, entertainment and excitement. You must eat out at the 1,000 Borough Market and if you snack yourself through smartly, you won’t even spend a penny for the feast. You also must check out the pub life, which can guarantee you won’t need to sit in a corner all alone.

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Skyline view of Barcelona, Spain, one of the best destinations for solo female travelers
Skyline view of Barcelona

While Barcelona is a vibrant and big city, which means you need to be careful when traveling alone, it’s such a friendly and welcoming city as well. You simply can’t go through life without experiencing Barcelona. The city has plenty of shopping options from small boutiques to big brands on Las Ramblas. The architecture is stunning; thanks to Gaudi and the Spanish food is just a magnificent experience. The waterfront restaurants offer some fantastic paella, which you can enjoy while taking in the vibrancy of the city.

When you travel alone as a woman, you do need to be smart at where you stay and when you explore the venues around you. But if you keep a cool head and plan your actions in advance, you can explore the world and have fun while doing it. Hopefully this will inspire you to give traveling solo a chance 🙂

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