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Best New Travel Blogs of July 2015

This month’s best new travel blogs cover travel stories so funny you’ll pee yourself, overlanding through Latin America, travel photography tips and tricks, travel planning advice, RTW adventures plus beer, beer, breweries and more beer.

  This edition of the BNTBA was delayed several months due to the Rickshaw Run and the Nepal earthquake

Blue Green Rock

  Hi I’m Nick. I like traveling and making people laugh. This blog is what happened when I combined the two.  

Best New Travel Blogs of 2015 - Blue Green Rock

Once in a blue moon one blog will wow me so much that I give it special mention. In 18-month history of the BNTBA this has only happened twice (Inside Other Places and My Wanderlist) but now it has happened a third time. I present to you: Blue Green Rock, the funniest travel blog that no one is reading.

Each of Nick’s stories are more like the tales you would hear over a round of beers that all begin a quick glance left and right to see who is listening before the phrase, “Well, this one time…” His vivid style of writing will make you feel as if you are right there with him — and perhaps even take you back to those wild and carefree days of traveling in your early 20’s 😉 With titles like “The Highway To Hell Is A Bus Ride To Laos” and “Bangkok Blur: Chicken Nuggets, Arrests, and Ping-Pong Shows” how can you not give this blog a read?

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  Travel information on overlanding the Pan-American Highway and beyond  

Best New Travel Blogs of 2015 - Dare2Go

Yasha and Juergen are expert overland travelers who from 2006-2009 traveled all the way from Alaska to the farthest southern tip of South America in their custom RV. Now as of last year they are back for round two with a new and improved vehicle: a Mercedes Benz 1019 AF they fitted with their own custom cabin they affectionately call Berta. Check it out!

Berta the Mercedes
Berta: as we got her – just after picking up the shelter – and finished

Although the old dare2go site archives from their 2006-2009 adventures are still online and fully preserved for your reading pleasure, this new version of their blog (complete with a new, modern design) just launched last year and coincided with the start of their newest adventure. Yasha and Juergen are once again taking the slow route, wandering wherever they want and stopping whenever something catches their eye. They write about land travel routes, border crossings, cooking food on the road and of course the campsites they encounter.

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My Wanderlusty Life

  Destinations & Daydreams  

Best New Travel Blogs of 2015 - My Wanderlusty Life

Ashley first caught my eye on Twitter with her bio: “I was told my travel blog was funny enough to make you pee your pants. Now don’t you want in on that?” Tell me, how can you not read a blog that promises so much?!

My Wanderlusty Life is a enjoyable, refreshing blog that has a large focus on some of my favorite traveling pastimes: beer. Posts cover a few countries from every continent except Africa, however Europe is by far Ashley’s biggest writing focus. There is also a cool section that I really hope Ashley will expand called: Do This, Not That. Check it out — and if you don’t pee yourself reading Ashley’s about page, well then the first beer is on me her.

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A Globe Well Travelled

  Creative ideas for the frugal travel addict  

Best New Travel Blogs of 2015 - A Globe Well Travelled

Celebrating her one year blogiversary this month (the cutoff for all BNTBA nominees) is Ashlea’s stylish yet minimalist blog design, A Globe Well Travelled. 2015 marks the year she and her husband begin embracing their new lives as digital nomads and her talent as a graphic designer shows in the site.

A Globe Well Travelled has tons of posts on travel realities (How Hard Is The Inca Trail?), travel planning and travel photography tips, as well as an entertaining and mostly uplifting journal section called My Stories. (It reminds me of my Rants & Rambles collection, only without so many F-bombs.) Ashlea has also learned enough from her first year of travel blogging to begin writing about blogging advice and tips, something which might be helpful to all you other new bloggers reading this.

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The Adventure Junkies

  Don’t Dream It. Live It.  

Best New Travel Blogs of 2015 - The Adventure Junkies

Adrenaline junkies Antonio and Amanda’s dual language blog (English and Spanish, switchable via a click of the mouse and not dual-paragraph style) is definitely a cool adventure travel blog. Paragliding, backpacking, cycling, kayaking, hiking, scuba diving, sailing and bungee-jumping, if its adventurous, its here! Plus I especially like the way their blog menu dropdown has “recent” and “featured” posts alongside the subcategories, making it easy to skip ahead to great content. Besides be chock full o’ your daily recommended dose of adventure, their blog is also packed full of useful advice and practical ideas, like how to take a shower while bicycle touring.

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Already following any of these blogs? Which is your favorite and why? Share your thoughts below! And feel free to nominate a blog here.

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23 thoughts on “Best New Travel Blogs of July 2015”

  1. Glad you enjoyed Blue Green Rock, Nick wrote to me and I suggested he check you out. There’s definitely not enough humour in travel blogging so it’s refreshing to read his stuff.

    • Thanks for steering him my direction, Graham. You are right, there is definitely not enough humor in travel blogging. There are small pockets of it in lots of great blogs, from yours to Ashley’s to some of the veterans of this industry. But to find one travel blog where humor is its primary focus and all those other little nuggets of travel goodness (tips, tricks, advice and ideas) are purely an unintended side effect of telling a great story…well now that is a rare find! 😀

      Well done Nick!

  2. maybe you could do a round up of humorous travel blog posts and/or talk about the issue – if you havent got anything better to do. Nice to hear about you helping out in Nepal btw

  3. If you read my Bahasa Indonesia postings, humor is not something new for us. Especially, when I blog special postings for the Netherlands 5 years ago… Trinity’s blog ( naked-traveler.com ) is also full of humor, a lot Indonesian travel bloggers I found out there are funny and crazy, .. I was once read a Traveler Kere blog, some of his post really cracked me up… another name, Alid Abdul.. etc…
    Well, Indonesian… Humor is just part of our life, if you write dead serious article, people would rise one of their eyebrows and ask; “are you writing a thesis??” or say ; “sok serius amat lo”, writing a blog in bilingual, English and Indonesian, I became aware it’s hard to joke in English like I do in Indonesian.. My sense of humor tend to be ‘dry’ when I write in English… Yeah, if you speak more than one language daily, you would notice your sense of humor will be switched automatically depends on the culture.. Sometimes, stuff that funny in English, doesn’t sound funny in my language and vice versa.. how cool language, isn’t it. It’s about culture..
    You know, even horror movies are funny in Indonesian… hahaha, ask your Indonesian friends they might LOL with this..
    Well, finally.. your award is back!!

    • Yes, I recognize all those names…and am friends with all of them too…but no one else reading this will recognize them. Guess I never thought about the humor their because it’s different than the wild western humor of Blue Green Rock or the dry, sophisticated wit of Inside Other Places. Funny without the complexity. But the complexity is what I like. Same reason people prefer writing ads and detailed stuff in English, because of the extensive word selection and vivid pictures that can be painted. Know what I mean?

      But yes, languages are cool as shit and wildly fascinating 😀

      • Funny, I’m not even friends with all of them 😉 ,and except for ‘T’, I was just a silent reader. I only friend with the one who writes books about Afghanistan & Central Asia, and his sense of humor in the book is witty, for example with how the way he depicts Dictatorship in Turkmenistan and their ‘Ruhmana”s holy book. I just happened to read those blogs (names I mentioned above), and some articles made me smile or chuckled, their sense of humor tend to be humble for me, different from western humor with its sarcasm, or dry humor. Well, actually, in this global life, Indonesian humor has many ranges. We watch movie from USA, China.. Korea and Japan in daily basis, So, the humor and culture have been mixed automatically, and vary. Media has a big role in changing people’s character and sense of humor. Well, globalization.. 😛
        But, yeah I agreed with what you said on one of comment above, not enough humor in travel blog I read in English. I realized this since months ago, I even typed status on FB about this in bahasa, the differences between Indo vs. bule blog, well, English blogs are ‘more serious’ than ours, maybe it’s because the language factor. Yes, have read Graham’s blog some times ago, and that’s true.. witty articles,- kinda narrative style and totally different from the rest, buzzly style of articles, such as X reasons, Why I, How I, etc… interesting ones.

  4. Adventure travel blogger heading to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro in September. Exploring near and far with the curiosity of a wildcat! With a combination of local microadventures and longer travels the blog appeals to many and encourages people to get out and explore! Ready to Roar?

    • Hey Enrique, my apologies on the late response….been busy and on the road in India again. Yes, I loved the Rickshaw Run, and just now am finally getting around to producing the videos I promised my readers and sponsors I’d do…freakinepic! 😀

      Awesome, just took a brief look at your site and have it bookmarked for reading this weekend. Best wishes from India!

  5. I’ll be forward and nominate my own blog which is written by myself and my life partner ~ we are nomads in our fifties ~ empty nesters living an impact~full life.

    First we moved from Chicago to Nicaragua Central America, where we started a bamboo housing business for people that had lost their homes in the hurricane years earlier. Then six years later we lived out of our tiny suitcases in SE Asia for 18 months! Sometimes we are funny, ( as in the post “what makes a home a home?”, sometimes serious, but I can surely say, we are almost always interesting and often inspiring! Plus we have good photos and decent writing ability…. I don’t mean to “toot” my own horn 🙂

    Would love you to take a peek, make some comments and consider us for an award.


    • Hey Peta, just opened up your blog and am giving it a browse now. Interesting stuff. Seems we have visited a lot of the same places. (I’m actually up in Chiang Rai right now.) However with the BNTBA is limited to blogs that began within the last year. No worries though, I’ll keep an eye on your blog just for my own entertainment if nothing else 😉


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