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Best New Travel Blogs Of November 2014

This month’s featured best new travel blogs cover where to drink around the world, India in depth, backpacking and connecting with nature, slow travel and travel photography. This is the final edition of the Best New Travel Blog Awards for 2014.

Starting now voting commences on the Best New Travel Blog of 2014. You can view the newest candidates below and all candidates by using the links above. Cast your vote by here!

The Drinking Traveller

  Meditations on travel, drinking and all things controversial  

Best New Travel Blogs: The Drinking Traveller

I first found Roy’s blog after one of the previous BNTBA winners linked to The Drinking Traveller and quickly fell in love. Most people love to enjoy a drink (or four) while traveling and Roy is on a mission to tell you how and where to drink in every country around the world — even ones where alcohol is illegal! Plus much like myself Roy finds nothing taboo and embracing writing what others won’t and seasoning it with a few curse words, just for extra flavor. Now here is an entertaining, ambitious man that I can admire.

So the next time you are wondering “where the hell can I get a drink in ________?” just cruise on over to The Drinking Traveller.

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In A Faraway Land

  Travel And Photo Blog  

Best New Travel Blogs: In A Faraway Land

As someone who takes his best photos purely out of luck or accident and not a result of skill, I really admire those who take amazing photographs. Marta is one of those people. I’ve been following her blog for several months now, watching and silently reading as she continues to put out more content, and she is definitely on a roll! The design of her blog is also very photo-centric and quickly sucks you in. Post after post are packed full of gorgeous photos of amazing destinations — many of which you may know but many others you most likely have never heard of. So go ahead, take a look and enjoy getting sucked into faraway lands!

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The Crowded Planet

  Nature and Adventure Travel  

Best New Travel Blogs: The Crowded Planet

Margherita and Nick’s blog is a refreshing new find for me and I very much enjoy her writing style. Guess it was no surprise then when I realized she was runner-up for the 2012 Guardian Travel Writer of the Year. Their blog is all about finding adventuring and making the most of the nature around you while backpacking. I’ve definitely added a few new destinations to my bucket list as a result of their posts — like the Tsiribihina River in Madagascar. Another thing that also write about that I love is local festivals. I’m not talking about full moon parties in Thailand but rather true cultural experiences. Well done guys!

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Hippie In Heels

  Glamorous Travel in India (and everywhere else)  

Best New Travel Blogs: Hippie In Heels

Rachel is celebrating her first blogiversary this month* and so far she is doing an awesome job. After a three-month trip to India she tried to return to the “real world” but failed miserably at it, as many of us travel bloggers have been known to do. Eventually she moved to Goa, India and as such focuses most of her writing on how to travel India like a pro. In fact her blog is now my go-to source when I need information on India ๐Ÿ™‚

*   I wrote this last month but due to a scheduling error this article was a month late publishing.

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Watch Me Wander

  Travel Harder. Travel Smarter. Travel Longer.  

Best New Travel Blogs: Watch Me Wander

I am rather surprised that more people have not discovered Jess and Brandon’s blog, Watch Me Wander. Although they have been traveling for a couple years now they only been blogging since June and in my opinion are off to a great start. In fact they already have taught me about something I never knew of: hashing. Beyond that their blog focuses on slow travel and taking the time to get to know a destination, something I am a fierce advocate of.

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Already following any of these blogs? Which is your favorite and why? Share your thoughts!

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    • Ohhhh really? I might be there as well, depending on how the rest of this month goes. I just got back into Malaysia a few hours ago. And yes, I second your desire for an updated Monk Bought Lunch layout. Not that there is anything wrong with the current one, but New Years is approaching and it might be nice to kick off the new year with a new look. Speaking of, if you need any assistance customizing a new template or help design-wise, feel free to give me a shout. That’s what I do ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Oh yea? I’ll be Dec 19 – Jan 12, sticking around the north probably. Message me if you end up in the area at the same time.

        Duly noted re: assistance. I’ve got an offer from BackpackingMan for the same, but I need to figure out first what exactly I want to do with the site.

        • Awesome, then yes, let’s definitely cross paths during that time. Do you have a firm itinerary or just planning to make it up as you go? I didn’t get the chance to explore much of the north last time I was here so I plan on making up for that this trip.

    • Happy to Rachel, you are doing great things. And cheers on the blogiversary, although I do realize by this point that is a tad bit of a belated congratulations, sorry. I had meant to publish this post a while back but I got busy and yeah, whoops. Anyway, keep up the great work!

    • I most definitely will keep following along. And yes, that would be great to cross paths in real life. Let me know if you make it back to Asia anytime soon — I’ll be bouncing around here most of 2015 I believe. Don’t really plan anything in advance so know idea exactly where I’ll be but let’s keep in touch, yeah? Feel free to tweet me anytime, I’m quite active there and usually respond to tweets faster than email or even SMS.

  1. Thank you loads for featuring me among all these cool travellers. I am still laughing after reading the post from crowded planet that you recommended. Great stuff. I am glad you liked my photos! I am in a photography paradise aka New Zealand at the moment, so expect more to come ๐Ÿ™‚

    • No need to thank me, you deserve it. I bet you thought I’d forgotten about you, yeah? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Oh yeah, that’s a hilarious post, isn’t it? Definitely had me laughing aloud as well. Never had any idea those Finns were so entertaining! Several of my blogging buddies, Marysia included, are headed the in January for the Nordic Bloggers’ Experience…really wish I’d applied, I’ve never been.

      Anyway I’ve heard (and seen) that New Zealand is a photographers paradise but I’ve never been. Really want to visit! Keep taking amazing photos, show me what I’m missing ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wow! Thank you so much Derek! Have had a read of and followed all of these – honoured to be listed among such company! Love the description, lol. I should get you to write my “about me” page! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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