Derek Drives That! Strange Vehicles, Exotic Locations And Unparalleled Mischief

I love trying out new and strange forms of transportation while traveling but one thing is even more fun: actually driving them! From jeepneys in the Philippines to chicken buses in Guatemala and ojeks in Indonesia, there is no method of transportation I won’t try and no vehicle I cannot drive.

And now I’m turning this hobby into a weekly video series.

Derek Drives That! coming soon to a country near you

So come follow along on my journey as I convince strangers across the globe to trust me with their keys.

What could possibly go wrong?

Derek Drives That! kicks off this January and to make sure you never miss a single exciting or unpredictable moment, make sure you subscribe to The HoliDaze YouTube channel!  

  Have any suggestions on which vehicles I should attempt to drive? Let me know!     Leave a comment below!

In addition to Derek Drives That! there is a second weekly video series debuting next month: HoliDaze Eats. As you might have guessed, this one will document all the strange and exotic food I eat while on the road. After all, as I always say:

  Don’t be afraid of what I eat. Be afraid of what I WON’T eat!”  

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About Derek Freal

"Some people eat, others try therapy. I travel."   Cultural enthusiast. Adrenaline junkie. Eater of strange foods. Chasing unique and offbeat adventures around the world since 2008. Derek loves going to new destinations where he does not speak a word of the local language and must communicate with hand gestures, or places where he is forced to squat awkwardly to poo -- supposedly its healthier and more efficient. For more information (about Derek, not squat pooing) including popular posts and videos, check out his bio.

12 thoughts on “Derek Drives That! Strange Vehicles, Exotic Locations And Unparalleled Mischief”

    • Awww thanks Nellie. I come from Texas and have that ol’ cowboy spirit inside of me….never encountered a single vehicle I couldn’t wrangle 😉 And don’t worry I won’t be competing in the same Rickshaw Run as you so the race is all yours to win.

  1. That’s great! You are much better than my Rickshaw run partner. My advice changed throughout the trip from, “use your signal when turning,” to “OK, if you have to focus on one thing, just please avoid a head-on collision with a truck.”

    Did I miss something? When did you drive a Chicken Bus? It’s my lifelong dream to drive a Chicken Bus in Guatemala.

    • Hahaha that’s hilarious 😀 I got an offer to do the Rickshaw Run here in a few weeks but it means rearranging my travel schedule and I’m not 100% sure it will all work out. Fingers crossed though.

      Hahaha no, you didn’t miss anything — that was back in 2011 when I was backpacking Central America and was for all of about ten feet. Nothing fancy, just enough to say I did it. Certainly didn’t get any entertaining video like I have been doing recently. Think I’m going to have a lot of fun with this series. My only real worry is because I travel so slowly I’ll be running out of vehicles before I leave each country. Someone else suggested I start riding animals as well, but that can easily become a bad idea for numerous reasons. Uncertain how to address this lack of vehicles as I begin to encounter this issue but I’m sure something will come to mind 😉

  2. Yup Derek, through this picture you look drunk esp from your eyes. Again, i said you supposed to be a model ..hahaha, your versatile face and facial expression in front of camera, here you look like a young boy, another picture you look a very different person.. I’m a camera shy, cant change my facial expression in different occasion.. so not everyone could act in front of camera..


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