Six Ideas That Will Make Your Stay In The Bahamas Memorable

When you are planning your next vacation, you need to make certain that every detail of your tropical escape has been thought over carefully. There are six ideas listed below that will make your trip exciting, and you can use the steps below to cover each critical part of your vacation plan. The Bahamas can be an exciting and memorable trip for your family, but you need to have an itinerary before you leave.

Several cruise ships docked in Nassau in the Bahamas
Cruise ships docked in Nassau, Bahamas

1. How Are You Getting There?

You can take a cruise ship to the Bahamas where you can disembark and stay for a week or more. You may choose to fly out to the islands, or you could charter a boat that will take you to your destination. Families that want to get there as quickly as possible should fly, but taking a cruise or chartering a boat will give you amazing views that you cannot get from a plane.

2. Where Are You Staying?

You must find a lovely place to stay that is quiet and accommodates your whole group. Bahamas villas are a lovely option for vacations because you get a condo, house, or townhouse all to yourself. These villas either have street access to some of the most popular thoroughfares in the islands, or you will be staying just moments from the beach. The villa is fully-furnished, has a stocked kitchen, and offers space to lounge and relax during the day. Some villas even have a pool that you can use if you do not want to spend all day at the beach.

If your hardest decision is pool or beach, you might be in the Bahamas...
If your hardest decision is pool or beach, you might be in the Bahamas…

3. Set An Itinerary With All Your Activities Included

You need to make sure that you have found all the activities you would enjoy, and you should buy tickets before you leave. If you are taking a ferry between islands, you can get tickets on the day that you travel, or you can get tickets for things like tours or guided hikes. You can do the same for charter fishing boats, scuba diving trips, and paddle boarding. If you have set your itinerary, you know precisely what you are doing every day. When your family can look forward to all these activities, your trip becomes more enjoyable.

4. Sample Local Food

You should sample as much local food as possible when you come to The Bahamas. You can make reservations at the best restaurants on each island, and you can go to food carts that will serve you local fast food. This is a great thing for you to plan, and you may even run across the cafes that use nothing but family recipes.

Freeport fish fry in The Bahamas
Freeport fish fry in the Bahamas

When you are sampling local food, you will find people who offer recipes, sell mixes, and even show you what to make these foods. If you want to buy a bit of produce and meat before you come back to the States.

5. Sample Local Spirits

Wine and spirits are made in the islands every day, and you could try everything from a local rum that is mixed into your daiquiri or a wine that was cultivated on one of the smaller islands that has a large plot of land for growing grapes. You may fall in love with some of these spirits, and you might even want to bring a bottle home with you.

No vacation to The Bahamas is complete without spirit!
Care for a cocktail?

If you have found a distillery or winery that you want to visit, you can take a tour, taste several wines during your visit, and have a few snacks at the same time. Plus, you will learn about how the sugar cane/grapes are grown, learn how the wine is made, and even meet the distillers.

6. Pick The Right Time To Go

The Bahamas are warm and tropical all throughout the year. You will have wonderful weather when you go in the winter, and you can choose slower times of the year to visit the islands. You should avoid heavy summer travel months, spring break, and major holidays. When you come to The Bahamas when it is quiet, you will have more time to enjoy the sights, meet people, and have some good food. The attractions and activities often sell out in the busier months of the year. You can contact each activity or attraction to see if they have tickets that you can reserve.

Enjoying these picturesque Bahamas beaches
Enjoying those picturesque Bahamas beaches 😉

7. Honorable Mention: Comparison Shop

You should comparison shop for all your travel, accommodations, activities, and restaurants. You cannot afford to spend all your money on one or two parts of your trip. When you have a budget for a trip, you can use that budget to determine how much you want to spend on each part of the trip. Once you have planned your trip properly, you can travel at the right time, save money, and have fun with your family in a beautiful villa.

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