Offbeat Orlando, Florida: Unique Sights and Activities

Orlando is the Theme Park Capital Of The World, however there is much more to do in the heart of Florida than merely wandering around a sprawling, crowded amusement park on a hot day. There is art, food, nightlife, culture and everything else that comes with the modern metropolis. And then there are all those overlooked, offbeat Orlando activities and things that you probably do not know about “The City Beautiful” — the first of which is that that is Orlando’s other nickname 😉

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Orlando is home to the world’s first burger and sushi bar. The world’s largest (and only) alligator amusement park. The world’s only Tupperware museum. (Something we can all probably agree is a good thing.) Plus a lot of other things that are not the “world’s _______” but are still pretty damn cool. Let’s explore the strange, unique and offbeat side of Orlando, Florida! Travel different. Don’t waste time laying around your hotel when there is so much to do here.

Orlando Museum of Art in Florida
Orlando Museum of Art

Get Your Museum On

With over two dozen museums, there’s something for everyone here in Orlando. Fan of sports cars? Visit the Exotic Car Gallery. Fascinated by the history of the Titanic? Visit Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. Artwork more your thing? The Orlando Museum of Art is one of the top-rated in the city. Traveling with kids? Orlando Science Center is the place to go. Want to please the kids AND the kid inside of you at the same time? Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Orlando is your answer

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Orlando
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Orlando

Alternative: Don’t like any of those? Then you most likely the type of person who would enjoy a visit to the Tupperware Confidence Center. Not only is it one of the most unusual museums in the entire United States, but it also wins my award for the most creative museum name ever. 100% refund if you don’t leave here with more confidence in your Tupperware skills.

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The Tupperware Confidence Center is one of the most unique and offbeat Orlando museums
Tupperware™ brand only. No generic plastic allowed here.

Frozen Fun With Alcohol

Ever visited an ice bar? They can be found in over 30 cities around the world and are absolutely amazing. After donning a jacket and gloves, guests are led into a frozen bar where everything is hand-carved from ice: walls, chairs, tables, glasses, decorations, and even the bar itself!

Shot glasses made of hand-carved ice at the Orlando Ice Bar, one of the offbeat Orlando activities that keeps Florida exciting
The offbeat Orlando Ice Bar has shot glasses made of hand-carved ice 😀

Of course, if you’re visiting Florida to escape the winter back home, this might not sound like an appealing idea. However, Icebar Orlando is the largest ice bar in the world and features over 70 tons of carved ice, making it the top dog in an already exclusive club. Even if only for that reason alone, Icebar Orlando deserves a visit on a humid evening.

Alternative: Orlando Brewing has been creating “darn good beer” for over a decade now and offers free daily tours every day of the week except Sunday. The bar features two dozen taps, so no matter what your poison, you can go straight to the source for the freshest craft beer.     Beer Around The World

Sampling organic craft beers at Orlando Brewing in Florida
No brewery tour is complete without sampling as many different beers as possible

One-of-a-Kind Offbeat Orlando Food

Given its reputation as an international family vacation destination, cuisines from around the world can be found in downtown Orlando and the theme park district of the southwest. There is no one dish or cuisine that is distinctly Orlando. However, there are some restaurants that are distinctly Orlandian.

The Cowfish, the first and only burger and sushi bar in the world, is one of the offbeat Orlando restaurants keeping the city unique
No brewery tour is complete without sampling as many different beers as possible

The Cowfish is proudly the first and only burger and sushi bar in the world. Step on in and try one of the signature creations: the Burgushi. Café Tu Tu Tango fuses global recipes with a Florida twist, using only local ingredients and serving meals in an art gallery showcasing local artists.

Alternative: Can’t decide? Spend a few hours on an Orlando Food Tour to eat your way around town and have a couple drinks while doing it. Or take a look at some of my food videos for inspiration on what (not) to eat, the aptly named series Derek Eats That!

Food? I Like Food Derek Eats That!

Visit a Quirky Amusement Park

Screw Disney. Forget Universal. Go somewhere unique this trip, like Gatorland – home to all your alligator amusement needs. Or better yet, subject yourself to the Holyland Experience – where the Bible comes to life. Hint: it’s even more entertaining and over the top than the good book itself! 😉

Welcome to Gatorland, the only alligator themed amusement park in the world, and just one of the unique and offbeat Orlando activities and things to do here
Welcome to Gatorland, the largest (and only) alligator themed amusement park in the world

Alternative: If by some freak chance neither of those theme parks sound right for you, check out these other one-of-a-kind Orlando amusement parks.

Experienced the offbeat side of Orlando?

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