Exploring Toronto’s Graffiti Alley in 100 Photos

Toronto, like most modern major metropolises, is home to its own unique collection of street art. The heart of all this urban art is one long stretch of street aptly nicknamed Graffiti Alley. And although I already hate myself for saying typing this, Graffiti Alley is one of those perfect “Instagram-worthy” destinations. Definitely one of the top must-do activities in Toronto.

Exploring the street art of Kensington Market and Graffiti Alley in Toronto, Canada

A National Historic Site of Canada where modern urban art and the historic market merge. Past and present in perfect harmony. Or maybe that is just due to the abundance of marijuana shops in the neighborhood 😉
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Whether tourist or local, one cannot help but appreciate the talent and tireless passion of the local artists driving them to continually create such impressive artwork.

As the name implies, Graffiti Alley is undeniably visually entertaining, although it is worth noting that the neighborhood is primarily graffiti art. Sure, there is plenty of comedic, satirical and throw-back murals to the good ol’ days. However you won’t much, if any, political street art here or any deep social commentary like that found in other more tumultuous nations. Canada is too peaceful and polite 🙂

Graffiti art at Kensington Market in Toronto, Canada
Photographing graffiti art at Kensington Market

Graffiti Alley & Kensington Market

Historic + Modern + Street Art = Must Visit

New Graffiti Art In The Making  

Graffiti artist at work in Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada
Graffiti artist at work in Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada

Where Is Graffiti Alley?

To check out the wall art for yourself, start at Queen and Spadina and head west, walking down every alley you pass. Graffiti Alley runs parallel to Queen street on the southern side. There is also a healthy amount of street art scattered a few blocks north of there, throughout Kensington Market.

What is your favorite street art destination?

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  1. Yosemite Sam wins dude! Right off the bat LOL. Inspired images Derek. I love street art. We are seeing some mean tagging here in New Zealand. Methinks the gangs really push the graffiti scene along which is kinda neat. Lost art in many ways, especially in the USA. Thanks for sharing 🙂



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