FriFotos: A Strange Street in Surabaya, Indonesia

What Is Wrong With This Photo Of Surabaya, Indonesia?

A Strange Street in Surabaya
A Strange Street in Surabaya

Welcome to my first ever FriFotos post, thanks for stopping by to take a look. To have a little fun with the day and in honor of my debut FF post, let’s turn this into a contest. The winner will become a HoliDaze featured blogger and get a little extra publicity / traffic sent their way. And now on to the fun!

Do you know what is wrong with the picture above? Willing to take a shot at figuring it out? Submit your best guess below! And as always you can click the image to enlarge and get a better view.

  Here’s A Hint: think about Indonesia and how the roads operate over here. If you are still stumped then look at the two additional photos below for a further idea of what is wrong with this scene.

A Strange Street in Surabaya

A Strange Street in Surabaya
Do you know what is wrong with these photos yet? Submit your guesses below!


So what is wrong with all three of those photos?

Share your best guesses below and let’s see who gets it right!

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9 thoughts on “FriFotos: A Strange Street in Surabaya, Indonesia”

  1. I can only see that as here in Indonesia we drive on the left side of the road, we usually have the left lane, but here the traffic lane seems taking the right side. Quite uncommon but sometimes they do it like that.

    • You are correct Panji! None of the locals agreed as to why the lanes were reversed only this one block but the most common response I got was because of the way the bridge and u-turn (not pictured) had to be squeezed in, this was the only way to keep traffic flowing.

      Sure, people always drive on the wrong side in this country…but this is one block where everyone has to 😉

  2. Ummm, I’m thinking this a two-fer: the motorcyclist is turning in a place that isn’t a turn lane and he’s attempting to go the wrong way against traffic. But, you know, he’s probably been doing this for a while. =D

  3. WTC/Delta Plaza Surabaya, near Monumen Kapal Selam (Pasopati Submarine Monument) ?

    I was slightly confused at first, even though I’M local 😀


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