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FriFotos: The Beauty Of Spring Around The World

Spring Orchids In Bloom

Around the world spring is always a gorgeous time of year, one that is only surpassed by the majesty of fall. The flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, newborn animals are plentiful thanks to the favorable conditions and abundance of food. In general every color is brilliant, even sound invigorating, even breath refreshing…sometimes you can … Read More

FriFotos: The Technology That Let Me Travel The Ho Chi Minh Trail

"Rusty" the Honda Win I used to travel the Ho Chi Minh trail

This magnificent piece of machinery is what has allowed me to travel the Ho Chi Minh Trail. It is also the main reason why I haven’t written much recently — kind of hard to open up a laptop when bouncing around on two wheels. However after realizing that this week’s FriFotos theme is technology I … Read More

FriFotos: Street Meat: As Fresh As It Gets

Bangkok Butcher

I love everything about street food. The unparalleled taste. The plastic chairs intended for children. The surrounding ambiance of wherever in the world you might be. And yes, even the questionable level of hygiene. It all culminates into a perfect feast Anyone feel like chicken tonight? When I think of fresh — this week’s FriFotos … Read More