FriFotos: How To Chill Indonesian Style

Life in Indonesia often goes at a slow pace, whether it be a result of bad traffic or the fact you’re relaxing on a beach. However no matter where you may be there is always a way to “chill” Indonesian style — this week’s FriFotos theme.

How To Chill In Traffic

Traffic can be bad in certain cities around Indonesia, especially Jakarta and Bandung. When it gets the best of you and you’re literally going nowhere, it’s best to make the best of a bad situation and just chill until things get better.

FriFotos: Chill In The Car
Many people in Jakarta keep pillows in their car to get more comfortable when stuck in traffic.

FriFotos: Chill Underneath Your Truck
Can’t relax in your truck? Park it on the side of the road and chill in a hammock underneath!

How To Chill At Work

FriFotos: Chill On The Street
Chill out in your becak, a three-wheeled bicycle used to transport people around town

FriFotos: Chill During The Day
It’s hard work but somebody has to do it…

FriFotos: Chill At The Office
Get an office with a view.

How To Chill On The Weekend

FriFotos: Chill On The Weekend
Go find a new virgin beach with friends and chill out in the sun!

Which Is Your Favorite Way To Chill?

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    • I completely agreed Dan. Some many people rave about Bali but if you notice the people who do that are the same ones who have never been anywhere else in Indonesia. There are tens of thousands of beaches throughout the country, many of them virgin beaches where you will be completely alone except for the sound of the waves and your own thoughts. That to me is much more relaxing then the beaches on Bali, where foreigners get harassed by salesmen and hawkers every 20 seconds and have literally no peace. What is relaxing about that?!?

  1. Great Blog, so familiar with all your posts yeah of course am dealing with that everyday (indonesian) 😀 , love to read your journey’stories. Keep posting Derek 😉


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