FriFotos: Funny Signs Around The World

Few things in life are more amusing in life then those funny signs around the world that you see while traveling. Some are confusing, others are lost in translation, and a few are just downright hilarious. Here is a collection of the most entertaining signs I have seen in the last six months. Which one is your favorite?

Hilarious Signs Around The World: Better to pay a cook than a doctor In other words, it’s better — and cheaper — in the long run to eat healthy. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hilarious Signs Around The World: Candi Selogriyo outside Magelang, Indonesia Translation: “Making out is forbidden in this temple” Indonesia

Funny Signs Around The World: Safety comes first In the Philippines but apparently sexiness comes second. In the Philippines safety comes first but apparently sexiness comes second.

Funny Signs Around The World: Bangkok Nightlife at Patpong...50 gorgeous girls and a few ugly ones Got to love truth in advertising, right? Of course I can’t help but think what those “few” must think having to see that slogan every night… One Night In Bangkok And The World’s Your Oyster

Funny Signs Around The World: Assumption College in Bangkok, Thailand. Where's so funny about this? It's a Catholic College! Assumption College in Bangkok, Thailand. Where’s the humor in this? It’s a Catholic College! [ insert joke here ]

Funny Signs Around The World: No Indecent Behavior sign found in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Found on the Kuala Lumpur MRT, Malaysia

Funny Signs Around The World: Keep Calm And Smoke Shisha sign in Hanoi, Vietnam Found in Hanoi, Vietnam

Warning: Beware Of Peacocks Found in Sentosa, Singapore

Funny Signs Around The World: Wee, Poo, & Spew, Nothing Else In The Loo Found in Hanoi, Vietnam

No Durian sign in Singapore It’s not often a fruit is forbidden but when one is, it’s always durian

Hilarious sign in Vietnam An oldie but a goodie

Two of my favorites that I don’t have photos of are “cat oven” and “exotic supercar parking only,” both of which were found in Jakarta.

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    • Oh yes indeed, the signs in Asa never stop amusing. I’ve seen several photos of absolutely priceless signs in China (got to love Chinglish lol) but haven’t made it there yet to see them firsthand. Hmmmm sounds like maybe it’s time somebody took a trip back to Asia 😉


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