FriFotos: An Old Man In The Land Of Smiles

During 2013 I finally made it to Thailand for the first time. As far back as 2008 while thinking about my first Asian expedition the Land of Smiles crossed my mind. However I quickly dismissed it as too popular and predictable a destination. And then never really thought about it again for five years despite the fact that I eat Thai food anytime its available.

Beer With Ryan of Lost Boy Memoirs

This time I had planned to spend two months basking in the grandeur that is Thailand, provided immigration granted me a 30-day extension. My buddy Ryan of Lost Boy Memoirs had already purchased a one-way ticket to Bangkok and was bidding adieu to his life in the United States. Nearly two dozen other travel blogging buddies would also be in the country — at least if you count the couples as two people and not one blog. Yes, it all seemed perfect.

  So I Headed Off To Thailand

Arriving a week earlier than the others I decided to hang around the Venice of the East and really try to see its underbelly, far away from the traditional tourist path. I walked the majority of time, savoring the slow pace and seizing the opportunity to catch up on my people-watching. I also used at as an excuse to eat street food every few blocks. “Oh no worries I’m walking, I’ll just walk it right off.”

I wandered down strange narrow alleys and more than a few times found myself staring at a dead end. Sure, phones have GPS but they won’t lead us to the hidden corners where local life lays untainted by the ever-increasing prevalence of foreigners and expats. I used the sun to navigate and just wandered, snapping photos along the way.

And This Smiling Man Was My Favorite

Old Man Smiling In The Land Of Smiles

I feel that it captures more than words can say about the friendly and goodhearted nature of local Thai people around the country. It just makes you want to smile back, does it not? They don’t call it the Land Of Smiles for nothing ๐Ÿ˜‰

Expect plenty of exciting new photos this year as I continue to hone my photography skills ๐Ÿ˜€

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11 thoughts on “FriFotos: An Old Man In The Land Of Smiles”

  1. Such a great photo, I love it! In total I spent 3 months last year in Thailand and I have to say that it’s true that (most of the times) Thai people smile a lot which makes a huge different, we should all do it more often ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It was an impressive country but so too are most of the countries in SEA, albeit each for different reasons. That’s one of the reasons I’ve spent so long in this corner of the world. I highly recommend you come take a trip to see what you are missing out on next chance you get ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The very reason why I love to visit Thailand is the smile, despite several people who smile for business purposes, there are still a lot of genuine smiles.


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