FriFotos: Scenes Of Passion At Prambanan

Murals depicting Kama Sutra scenes are often full of passion, this week’s FriFotos theme and a very fitting one as today is Valentine’s Day. The murals at Prambanan (Candi Pramabanan), a 9th century Hindu temple in Yogyakarta, Indonesia are no different. There scenes depict passion between a man and a woman (or multiple women), animal and animal, even man and animal.

Yes, our ancestors were some kinky fellows indeed. Apparently nothing was taboo or off-limits back then.

Kama Sutra Murals At Prambanan
Kama Sutra Murals At Prambanan

And yes, I know what you are thinking…these photos are rather, ehh, let’s just say lackluster. (Why do you think I didn’t waste the time to watermark them.)

Kama Sutra Murals At Prambanan
Kama Sutra Murals At Prambanan

And now that you’ve seen the passion of the past…

…here’s a taste of the anti-passion that is evident today in modern Indonesia‘s Muslim culture. This sign, posted on the entrance Candi Selogriyo, essentially translates as: “Making Out Is Forbidden In This Temple”

Sign At Candi Selogriyo

Ahhh how times have changed. 1,000 years ago you could make love to your cow if you wanted too…and nowadays you can’t even kiss your girlfriend in public. I’m not saying I wish I could make love to a cow — or any other animal for that matter — but who said society always progresses? If we would have “progressed” along that mentality, well, the world would be a lot more hedonistic than it is nowadays.

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