Points To Keep In Mind When Gaming On Holiday Cruises

Flashing bright lights, people chattering non-stop and loud alarms, all make for a perfect recipe to attract gamblers like bugs to light! Casinos are known for using all kinds of strategies to attract more and more people to their venues. Also there is no sure shot method of winning in these establishments.

However, following some tips can keep you ahead in the race, and the same applies to cruise ship casinos. In fact, the key to enjoying a great cruise holiday and an excellent casino experience is to always go prepared. Let’s acquaint you with some of these tips that you should always keep in mind when gambling on casino cruises.

Enjoying the view through the porthole
Enjoying the view through the porthole

Steer clear of slot machines

As can be expected, cruise lines would never hand out free money to anyone. After all, they’re in the business of making money. Slot machines can seem like a lot of fun, but the chances of winning at them are pretty slim compared to the casino table games. Nevertheless, you should try them out if you’re feeling particularly lucky on the day! But don’t forget to walk away while you are comfortably ahead or have already lost a lot.

Slot machine’s location matters

In the event that you choose to play slots, pay close attention to the location of the slot machine you decide to play. Remember, you will never hear the slots in the rear end of the floor going off regularly. It’s mostly the slots on the ends and the middle section of a casino floor that make the maximum noise. Casinos want to draw maximum number of people to these machines and the best way to do that is by making the ones most visible making the maximum noise.

Don’t get wasted

It wouldn’t be fun to wake up with a lot of regrets and an empty bank account. Although when combined together, drinking and gambling can be a lot of fun, you should be very careful about the number of drinks you down in a casino. The overall mood of a cruise ship can also make you drink more than needed, and indulge in careless bets. The moment you feel that you are going overboard, pick up your chips and walk away.

Cruise ship at night
Cruise time!

Start out with minimum bets

Anyone serious about making some handsome profit from cruise ship casinos, but doesn’t want to invest a lot of money, should always start out with minimum bets. Please remember, some of the biggest jackpots were hit with minimum bets! For instance, this Hawaii woman won a $10.7 million jackpot with only a $3 bet! Even if you don’t win big, you would have at least played for longer.

Learn to walk away

Almost every gambler in the world has been hounded by that ‘what if’ feeling! What if the next spin had recovered all the losses? What if he had hit a jackpot?! Although you might have a chance of hitting it big, but there is always an equal chance of pulling yourself further down. It’s important to accept your losses and learn to walk away at the right time.

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