How To Creatively Showcase Your Travel Photos

A staggering 38 billion traditional prints are produced worldwide, proving that the photography output market shows no signs of slowing down, according to the 2018 State of the Industry report. The combination of people carrying a device that doubles up as a high quality digital camera, and the popularity of social media sites has played a key factor in allowing anyone to be an amateur photographer. While we might see our travel photos on Instagram or Pinterest, our photographic efforts don’t always adorn our own homes, so if you want to showcase spectacular landscape photos or a traditional festival from abroad, here are some ideas to inspire you.

What to do with all these travel photos
What to do with all these travel photos…

Go creative with wall art

One fantastic way to put photos on display is to create a large piece of wall art with all your favorite travel photos. You can choose from either printing the photos out yourself or doing it online to make photo collages. The online version will give your collection a polished finish, and photos can be displayed using framed prints, posters or on canvas. Having a travel collage of your most memorable photos or the beautiful places in the world can instantly transform a space, and can be an affordable way to exhibit your holiday collection in one unique space.

Perfectly framed photo of a church
No frames required

Design a travel photo map

When you want to remember all the memories from your vacation and where you have visited, why not make a travel photo map? You don’t necessarily have to make your own, unless you’re feeling particularly creative, but can opt for a variety of online interactive maps that suit your style. It’s a great way to store images and make your digital photos last forever, and can be updated whenever you take another trip. You can also personalize it by adding souvenirs or mementos of your travels.

Frame your travel photos and mount them on the wall
…or frame your travel photos and mount them on the wall

Mount a collection of frames

Depending on your tastes, you can arrange frames for decorating a wall space. If you want to order them for a walled gallery and like the vintage look, hunt for old picture frames to have your photos printed out to fit different sized frames. Alternatively, produce your travel photos in minimalistic style and have them displayed in a symmetrical arrangement around a room. Choose to display your photos in any style you want – the possibilities are endless!

You can be as creative as you want with your holiday memories, and however you choose to preserve your travel photos, it’s likely to inspire you everyday when you see all your photos on the walls of your home.

How do you showcase your travel photos?

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