Kumbhalgarh Fort And The Great Wall Of India

Kumbhalgarh Fort, also known as the Great Wall of India, is a new up-and-coming off the beaten path destination in Rajasthan that is starting to attract international tourists, instead of just Indian travelers. However the growth in the numbers of visitors over recent years definitely makes it a worthy destination to visit before it starts to get too busy — at least for travelers who like getting off the tourist trail.

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  Located near Udaipur, this wonderful fort has a glimpse of history, war and tales of patriotism. If you love to hear history and visualize the fell then this is the must visit for you. The broad and wide walls depict the era of war and conquer, fights and patriotism, and tell the story of how strong the Sisodia dynasty were to safeguard their people.

Badal Mahal, the palace inside built at the highest point inside the massive Kumbhalgarh Fort in Rajasthan, India
Badal Mahal, the palace built at the highest point inside of the massive Kumbhalgarh Fort

  How To Get To Kumbhalgarh Fort…

Khumbhalgarh can be approached via Udaipur through Dabog airport / Udaipur Junction. But to reach you have to take the road Journey via Nathdwara. It is approximately 90km from Udaipur. The road though is not very good but is a state highway and the government is trying to upgrade so as to increase the travel volume of the state. The road journey is also pleasing as you pass by the country side of the Udaipur district. With it you will get a glimpse of true rural India and many beautiful lakes and villages around them. It’s good to see the nature and humans mingling with each other.

…And View The Breathtaking Great Wall Of India  

Kumbhalgarh Fort and the Great Wall of India, second only to the Great Wall of China, as seen from inside the fort
The Great Wall of India, second only to the Great Wall of China, as seen from inside of Kumbhalgarh Fort

Kumbhalgarh Fort was built on a hilltop and the walls of the fort have a total circumference of 36 kilometres (22 miles)! It is the second largest wall in Asia after the famous Great Wall of China. The fort is said to be the most difficult to conquer and was lost only once when the combined forces of Mughal Emperor Akbar, Raja Man Singh of Amber, Raja Udai Singh of Marwar and the Sultan of Gujarat breached the wall due to a shortage of drinking water. The walls as said early are huge and unbreachable and this can be gauged by the their overwhelming thickness — 15 feet!

From the photos I am sure you can see why Kumbhalgarh Fort and the Great Wall of India are already becoming more talked about destination among travelers. An absolute architectural, historical and cultural wonder that is definitely worthy of visiting. Experience Kumbhalgarh Fort and the majesty of the Great Wall of India with your own eyes — just DO NOT MISS the light and sound show organized in the Fort. It narrates the entire history of the place from its construction to its final conquer and is very interesting and well done 🙂

  Where To Stay Near Kumbhalgarh

There are plenty of nearby Kumbhalgarh resorts down the hill from 5-star luxury to budget resorts, even camping sites. Go with whatever feels right. We stayed in Club Mahindra Resort and really enjoyed the hospitality of the group.

Have you ever heard of the Great Wall of India before?

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  1. 15 feet is freaking insane dude. India is so big and so diverse, I learn more about the place daily, reading my travel blogging buddies’ posts. I spent a few months in the South but Central and Northern parts of the country are like different continents. Amazing. Rocking post and great images.


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