Essential Tech Tips for Traveling in Germany

So, all set to go to Germany? Lucky you! Germany is indeed a great place wherein you can drive faster, party till late night and enjoy delicious food.

However, like with any country, it has its own set of rules and regulations and cultural differences as well. Something that might be considered cool in America could sound rude in Germany.

So, what all should you take care of? Well, technology can help!

Here are a few amazing tips to help you out:

Traveling in Germany is a lot easier with an EasyPASS
Traveling in Germany is a lot easier with an EasyPASS (image via WikiCommons)

Use EasyPASS

If you do not want to deal with long queues, and if you are an American or a citizen of Hong Kong, EasyPASS-RTP could make the things easier for you.

With EasyPASS, you get the permission to enter the European Union in Germany through the automated gates which are only available to the EU citizens.

The entire process of enrolling to get this privilege is easy. All you need to do is:

  • Go straight to an enrollment center in any one of the five Germany airports.
  • Meet the German federal police office and ask them for an EasyPASS.
  • You will be interviewed and will be asked to fill out a few forms and it is done.

Google Offline Maps

Do we even need to mention this? But yes, for the new entrants, having a Google offline map is a must.

You might argue that Google navigation works just fine. Sure, it does. But what if you don’t have an internet connection? It is always better to be prepared at all times.

Having Google offline maps download on your smartphone or tablet will keep you safe, and well-informed.

Google Trips app is an essential app when traveling in Germany
See more, plan less

Google Trips

If you are like most of us, you love to plan your trip on your own, right?

For this and much more, it is nice to have Google Trips app which is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices and can help you in better organizing your trips.

The app can automatically suggest interesting places to visit in your area. Additionally, it also keeps all of your traveling information in one place, from confirmation numbers to reservations.


To keep yourself safe and secure while traveling internationally, or even while heading to Germany, it is highly recommended to use a VPN. There are a few key reasons for that.

One, your favorite web series which you enjoyed watching in the US might not be available in Germany due to geoblocking and other restrictions. Thus, until and unless you can live without your favorite series, having a VPN could be of great help. It would help you combat such regulations by changing your IP address and virtual location.

Two, for your security. Public Wi-Fi while traveling is nothing less than a blessing, yet it presents a security liability. Thus, to protect yourself from any online theft and to keep your personal data secure, having a VPN is important.

Ensure you have the right power adapter before traveling in Germany
One of the most essential tech tips for traveling in Germany is ensuring that you have the right power adapter NOTE: This is not it 😉

Outlet Power Adapter

This is something as basic as it is important. If you are traveling to Germany from the USA or any other country outside the European Union, it is critical to understand the difference between the voltages.

While most electric devices from the States are geared up by 120 V, Germany makes use of 230 V which is a significant difference. It is highly recommended to check the exact voltage requirement of your device before plugging it in.

Most devices can handle multi-voltages, but it is a safe practice to carry a travel adapter which would adjust the voltages for you, or else your device might stop working once and for all.

Use Wi-Fi Apps

Finding Wi-Fi is not an easy as it seems! Fortunately, there are various apps like WiFi Map, WiFox, Instabridge, and others, which could help you discover the Wi-Fi hotspots in your area along with the respective passwords.

Smart phones are only smart with the right app
Smart phones are only smart with the right app

Google Translate

Novice in speaking German? Well, Google Translate can help!

From helping you utter the most-common words to making you understand the language, Google Translate could prove to be of ultimate help, thus making your trip a lot more fun!

Back Up Your Photos And Use Cloud Storage

Love for the photos is real. The least you would expect is losing all your pictures because you lost your mobile, or your mobile fell in water or it just malfunction.

Whatever the reason is, backing up your photos into cloud storage like Dropbox, iCloud, or Google Drive would make things easier and safer for you, while also keeping your favorite memories in one place at all times.

Cash or credit cards? Which is better for traveling in Germany?
Cash or credit cards? Which is better for traveling in Germany?

Have Cash

While plastic money can work for most of the times, having cash on yourself is recommended. Also, it is important to mention here that many places in Germany do not accept credit cards which could cause some inconvenience.

Parting Thoughts

So all set for your trip to Germany? Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and have fun!

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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  1. If you need a vpn in Germany – it’s not that hard to find a working one, because almost every service is working out there. Just have in mind to choose a safe one to protect you from that nasty public wi-fi. I use Nordvpn daily and don’t have any problems whenever I travel somewhere outside of the country on holidays. So far my data has never been stolen, as far as I know, so hooray 😉 One thing, they could reduce the price a little, but I used a discount that saved me a few bucks

    • Highly recommend NordVPN for torrenting. They provide fast and safe servers for it. I use it every-time to hide my IP from internet provider because torrenting is illegal in Germany. My friend was fined 900€ for downloading Deadpool 2 via torrent. Hahaha 🙂

  2. One very important Thing are the German People.
    Be polite, they are friendly. Dont Feed them with Peanuts ..
    Germans will Not bite but German shephard dogs sometimes will.
    Don,t be the great Imperator and you will have Fun
    And find Friends.

    Try the German specialities from Food.
    By example Brot (bread) Wurst
    Schnitzel and Bratkartoffeln.

    Have much Fun.


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