oh man wow injured in tokyo

so last night it was are last night here and derek wanted to drink a lot well I have seen him drunk but yeah. we go to shibuya nuts which was really fun derek buying shots for people it was a really good time. As we left this fool was so drunk face planted in the concrete maybe 12 times lol I mean face planted then he layed on the middle of a street in tokyo and says its all good. i said you dont even know the PI laws here get the fuck up so he precided to kick down the construction sites and say it doesnt matter here I said you dont have your dam passport with you he said hey it is to dam clunky. Then after fucking him self up like a good ol fashioned texan beating he demanded that we go to the ATM cause we were out of money and get the hookers I said no man your way to drunk and yeah the obvious there hookers. He then said fine you lil pussy, he is not down for hookers I might add but when your that drunk I said no man I doubt you can even perform at this point he said yes I can!

Then he fell on his ass again I said I know your to drunk man you spilled out your cigs then he replied yeah cause it your dam fault pussy!!! I said yeah your really drunk man then he said no I am not and preceded to kick over cones and anything else around the street and proclaimed tokyo doesnt care! I said your going to get us locked up! then he fell again and again we some how made it home and then he demanded ciggs cause he was out only because he spilled most of em and the rest lit the filter very good stuff. if you could of only been there thank god this fool didnt have money or we would of ended up getting raped and robbed by hooker and when I said I wait outside you drunk sone of a bitch he said allright pussy when he woke up the next day I told him of his crazy drunk rumbling and he said what!?! I said yes man you crazy bastard!! he said dude I would never but a dam hooker I said I know!!!!! thats how drunk you were man plus the crazy scrapes and bruises now you/ now how it feels to me sober!!! the pain I have endured its crazy but so funny at one point we got lost and he was like well fuck it ATM and massage I was like no you cant even get it up!! he said fuck you I can always get it up!!! I was like be that as it may your not thinking in your right mind he thanked me in the morning……. but I was not that drunk and witnessed all if only you could of been there that whats friends are for right?

im sure if I was that drunk i would of thought the same thing.maybe depends on the night right?

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  This post was imported from my old Shibuya Daze Blogger, a drunken, laughable blog intended only for friends that eventually evolved into The HoliDaze — Why are you reading this old post when you could be reading about all my other exciting adventures and mishaps?

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Jared is an on-and-off traveler and childhood friend of Derek, frequently joining him in random countries on sporadic adventures. If leaving women at an airport were an Olympic event he would surely win the gold. He once even whored himself out and sent the money to Derek so that Derek could buy his way out of a tricky situation. Recently however Jared has been forced back into the 9-5 but hopefully one day soon he will be able to break free again and resume traveling full-time.

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About JWZM

Jared is an on-and-off traveler and childhood friend of Derek, and frequently joins him in random countries for some wild adventures. Recently he has been forced back into the 9-5, but hopefully one day soon he will be able to break free again and resume traveling.

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