In Response To, And Clarification Of, LBFM Vs OOSM

As I knew it would, I received lots of mixed feedback about my earlier blog entry, LBFM Vs OOSM, and I just wanted to clarify things a little, so as not to offend any more people:

First off, let me just say here that by LBFM I meant a woman of Asian descent, not a prostitute or whore or anything else of the sort — I apologize if that is how my article sounded. You are missing the point if you think all this is based on free fucking, nothing could be further from the truth. It is the underlying mentality in the women here that I love, and yes the mental connection is always made (I am one of those guys that will talk with the ladies, and is truly interested in what they say and what they think, you should know that about me — besides, looks fade but personality does not). Its just the women here want to please their man, whereas American women want their man to please them. That does not mean I am not about pleasing my woman. Hell, I put my woman’s happiness over everyone else’s, myself included — I wish and hope people realize that. But it has to be a two-way street, and too often I find women in the States forget that fact. They are more take, take, take then I care for. It is the opposite over here, I don’t know if it is their custom or their culture or their raising, but it just it. That is what I love. You cannot find that in the States, I am sorry, I truly am. We’ve gotten greedy.

Also, look at it this way. I am not an older guy going to a third-world country to pick up some young chick and take her back home. Not at all. I am a young, good-looking, nice and fun guy, and I am meeting local women the same as me — just as people do on 6th street back home or anywhere else in the world. And none of them are asking for anything. Sure, I may have purchased one or two a drink, but rarely. The women here are self-reliant and don’t want anything handed to them. Hell, this culture does not even accept tips, not your waiters, taxis drivers, bartenders, anyone — it is considered very rude and impolite, like saying you are better then them, or somehow above them. I accidentally tried a couple times before realizing why I was getting such a weird reaction. You would never get that response stateside; people will take anything you give them, sometimes even demand more.

Just One Of The Many Beautiful Filipinas

As for bringing home an LBFM, that is not my intention either. None of the girls I have talked to here would even want to leave this great city anyway, though I am sure that is undoubtedly different in the Philippines. I will see soon.

And even if after moving here and living here — as I will be doing as soon as I can — even after having been here for a few years and finding the right girl, if I for some reason do decide to move back to the States, I would be doing it only with the right girl. I have a few older friends who were in the military and a couple of them found that right girl in Asia and married her to take her home.

While all of those relationships have thus-far been the epitome of perfection, one has not. The reason for that one was simply because she was too young. On the contrary, everyone I have met here has been my age, plus any lady that might eventually become a potential candidate for marriage would most likely have similar beliefs or ideas as me. Even if not, you still have to have to some common ground and things talk about — that is the basis for a lasting loving relationship in my opinion, wouldn’t you agree?

Now I as I was so informed, and I will definitely agree, there are whores and good girls everywhere — there is no perfect anywhere, there will also be two sides to the sword. I realize this, understand this, and fully comprehend this. But from what I have seen in Tokyo, and all I have met, not just the locals but so many other people traveling the world — from Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Spain, etc… — the numbers are different here, albeit due to their culture or whatever other determining factor it is, I cannot say. The numbers are just different. There are a lot more good girls here. Unbelievably more. That is what I like, what I love about this place! And from my perception, though I could be wrong, I believe it ultimately stems from their culture, which is another of the reasons I have fallen in love with it. It is the most respectful culture I have ever met in my life, and once again talking with other world travelers (some of these people have been literally everywhere, I am so jealous), it is one of the most respectful cultures in the world. Everyone is polite to everyone, even to strangers or salesman or the damn homeless people under the bridge. I have never seen a place like that. In a city this big, it is unheard of to have this level of respect. Though I knew people would be somewhat nice here, just because of the sheer size of this place I still expected something a little more like New York City, full of rude assholes who do not care about the stranger next to them in the subway. Wow, was I ever wrong. Completely wrong. But I am so glad I was.

In closing, please do not take the post earlier the wrong way. And I apologize again if it comes across the wrong way, or as sexist or derogatory or anything like that, that was not my intention. Anyone who knows me also knows that is not me. Please direct any more feedback to the new comment section below.

This post was originally published back when this blog was still known as Shibuya Daze, a drunken, laughable travel blog intended only for friends that eventually evolved into The HoliDaze. Why are you reading this old thing when you could be enjoying my recent adventures and mishaps 😉

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