OMG F’ing Tokyo!

Wow, I don’t even know what to say. First off we fucking made it to Tokyo! I can’t believe that in and of itself! Fuck you Officer Tim ha ha!

Secondly, I am in heaven. I mean, I loved white girls, especially blondes, when I was younger — but the past few years I have only had eyes for Asians, and I don’t know why. Coming here has only confirmed it: I will have an Asian wife. I hope that does not sound racist or sexist or anything like that, and if you are offended I am sorry, but for some unknown reason I am really attracted to Asian women. Course it does not help when I had this waiting for me at my apartment~

Japanese Flyer For Girl
Girl For Sale (Or Something Like That)

No, not the girl, just the flyer. 20,000 yen, that’s over $200 US. If that is the price they are advertising, it is definitely a low-ball figure to hook you in. But just how far or how kinky can things get? This is Japan, the land of octopus-and-kid animated porn….I almost want to find out… but I’m a tad bit nervous. And young and mildly attractive (at least some say) so no reason for me to pay for it.

Anyone else know more about these flyers or how the call girls operate in Tokyo?

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