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Welcome once again to the show that never ends!

Hello boys and girls, pleased to be speaking with you all again, but even more pleased to announce that we have a fresh and even more engaging interview this week… That is right, every Friday when people are thinking about the weekend and busy sharing FriFotos, the HoliDaze will announce the “Next Great Travel Blogger” Of The Week.

Oh I love having good interviewees! Everyone is always so interested in interviewing Johnny B Travels because he has an eBook or 100k followers… The real joy is meeting the next wave and seeing what the future holds.

Anyway, in our continuing quest to help illuminate the next wave of great up-and-coming travel bloggers, I present to you a name many of you familiar with the HoliDaze might already know: The Traveling Fool aka Bob. He is a fantastically well-traveled friend of many of us, an all-around good guy, and the HoliDaze resident travel expert.

And now, without any further ado, I present to you the second HoliDaze travel blogger interview!

HELLO BOB… So Tell Us More About You And Your Blog…

I spent 20 years in the military and was fortunate to see lots of places in Europe and Asia. After getting out I spent time working at jobs in Texas and then began working in the Middle East. That afforded me the opportunity to do some more traveling. In Jan 2011 my contract came to an end and I decided to take a break. I went to the Philippines and Apr 2011 I decided to start a blog, why I am not sure, but it sounded like a good idea at the time. I then went to Thailand for 6 weeks and recently spent 6 weeks back in the Philippines.

As far as goals I definitely want to keep blogging and telling people about the places I have been so maybe they will get inspired to travel. I have also toyed around with the idea of an e-book.

The HoliDaze Travel Blogger Interviews: The Traveling Fool

Have You Done Much Exploring Around The United States, Or Are You More Of An Abroad Traveler?

My Dad was a fireman and had 30 days’ vacation a year. Growing up we didn’t have a lot of money so we had a trailer and spent time traveling and camping along the way. I think I saw 18 States before I was 17. Since then I have been in all but 12 States.

Did Your Army Experience In Any Way Shape Or Influence Your Style Of Travel Or Your Choice Of Destinations?

I spent four years in Germany and traveled all over Europe so although Europe is beautiful I want to concentrate on other parts of the world. I have been in Central America some, traveled Asia but Africa has eluded me so far.

How Many Countries Have You Visited And Which Is Your Favorite Thus Far?
Why Would You Recommend It?

I have been in 32 countries so far and you already know the answer to the second part. I absolutely love The Philippines. I truly enjoy all of Asia but The Philippines is my favorite. The people are friendly, the food is great, the country is beautiful and even the big city of Manila is unlike most US cities. It’s hard to explain but once you been there you just understand.

Bob, The Traveling Fool

What Countries That You Have Not Yet Visited Are Still On Your To-Do List And Why?

I would love to go to Cuba. Forget the politics, I think the culture of the people is interesting and let’s not forget the cigars.

What Do You Travel For — The Sights, Culture, Food, Nightlife, Historical Aspects, Or The People?

I think a little of each. I enjoy seeing historical sites such as old forts, castles and such. I try to really get into the culture, people and food and I find myself enjoying the nightlife also. One thing I will say is when traveling talk to everyone from the waiter to the taxi driver to the person standing in line next to you. You meet some great people and really get to know the place your visiting.

Is There A Travel Philosophy You Live By?

I try to get off the tourist path. Don’t get me wrong I saw Buckingham Palace but I also spent time in neighborhood Pub where no tourists ever go. In Germany I saw Hitler’s Eagles Nest but also found a private Castle and was given a private 3 hour tour. I have been at festivals where I was the only westerner there. I find it rewarding and memorable to just go where the urge strikes me at the time.

Pilzen, Czech Republic

Ever Stumbled Upon A Hidden Gem Of A Location Or Attraction That You Feel More People Need To Know About?

Pilzen, Czech Republic. About a 1 1/2hr train ride from Prague. Home of the Brewery that invented Pilsen beer and gives a great tour. Tunnels under the city and a George S Patton Museum created by one man in an effort to remind everyone that the US liberated his town after WWII. Also just a great little town to spend a day or two.

Are You Planning On Pursuing A Career In Travel Blogging, Or Just In It For Fun?

Well it started out as fun but I find it is slowly turning into a small business. I never went after advertisers but lately they have been finding me and I had the opportunity for a compensated stay at a resort for which I ran an article. I want to keep it fun but I may turn it into something more so I could travel more.

In Closing, What Is Your Biggest Piece Of Advice Towards New Travel Bloggers?

Read other blogs. Connect with other bloggers and ask questions. I asked a lot of questions of people like Earl of Wandering Earl, Matt Karsten of Expert Vagabond and Wes Nations of Johnny Vagabond. Also as soon as possible get a self-hosted blog with wordpress and spend a few bucks for a custom template.

You can find more of Bob’s adventures and tips at The Traveling Fool or connect with him via social media.

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