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Some People Eat, Others Try Therapy. I Travel. But Why Do You Travel?

For those of you who read last week’s post about our new slogan debate and Jared and I’s differing views ...
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More Random Yet Interesting Travel Facts

The first interesting Travel Facts article was just not enough, I still have over a hundred more! And given the ...
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Perla del Pacifico: Mansion Turned Pirate Hostel + Private Art Collection in Costa Rica

Located on a four-mile long sand peninsula, Puntarenas is a relatively small coastal fishing town that also supports a lot ...
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7 Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, or fondly known as KL, is a big city with an area of 94 square miles and a ...
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Now Museum, Now You Don’t: Strange American Museums

I love checking out the random cool, quirky or confusing museums that I stumble across while traveling. Some are educational, ...
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