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When it comes to nightlife, Sydney has a reputation for being the party capital of Australia. That’s fine if you enjoy spending a Friday or Saturday night standing in line outside nightclubs in the hope that over-zealous door staff will let you in at some point before dawn. For an altogether more relaxed evening with just as much fun and entertainment but less posturing, Queensland’s capital has a lot going for it. Here, we check out some of the best nights out in Brisbane. 

Cloudland defies description

There are bars and then there are clubs and then there is Cloudland. Visit Brisbane likens the experience to stepping into a scene from The Great Gatsby. Two floors, with vertical gardens, hanging plants and chandeliers surround plushily furnished lounge areas and dance floors.

It’s in the heart of Fortitude Valley, meaning it is both safe and easy to find. Just remember there’s a city-wide ordinance that you have to show and swipe ID after 10PM that applies to everyone – even visiting royals!

The Treasury Casino lets you channel your inner Bond

Sure, Sydney has two super-casinos within shouting distance of one another, but neither of them has the sense of class and sophistication that you’ll find at The Treasury. Having a wager is deeply ingrained in Australian culture. Technology has brought about some changes in casino habits – it is now commonplace to play online slots in Australia. But a traditional night out playing the pokies is still a popular way to spend a Friday or Saturday night.

The Treasury is in a heritage listed building on the corner of George and Elizabeth streets in the heart of the city. AQs well as the 1,300+ gaming machines, there are dozens of live gaming tables offering roulette, blackjack, baccarat, Caribbean stud and more. Meanwhile the poker rook has both tournaments and cash games and your choice of Texas Holdem or Omaha.

Local music talent at Black Bear Lodge

Brisbane has an amazing choice when it comes to live music venues. Many are within the Fortitude Valley area, including the famous Sound Garden, with its two-storey bar and Fortitude Music Hall, where you can sample the sounds of yesteryear.

If you want the chance to experience something even more special, though, check out Black Bear Lodge, just up the stairs off Brunswick Street Mall. It is the original hotbed of local talent in intimate surroundings with a friendly vibe.

The Wickham is a Brisbane party legend

Australia in general and Brisbane in particular is famed for its welcoming and inclusive attitude regardless of a person’s age, sex, nationality, color or sexuality. As such, there is no big gay scene any more than there’s a “black scene” or an “oldies scene” – it’s pretty much one big melting pot.

Having said that, The Wickham has been out and proud since the 1970s, when attitudes were a little different, and is one of Fortitude Valley’s top party spots where everyone is welcome. Regular drag nights, bingo, live music and more – as the song goes, there’s always something happening and it’s usually quite loud.

Fat Angel is a must for sport fans

There are plenty of sports bars in Brisbane. This is a city that’s mad about its sport. Fat Angel on Eagle Lane delivers everything you want.

Great sports coverage, special drink promos, a menu with all the classics and most of all, a friendly welcome by staff who seem as crazy about their sport as the customers.

Cocktail time

Rock and cocktails at Stranded bar

This new venue tucked away above a burger joint on Winn Lane offers an intriguing mixture of cocktails and live rock music. The speakeasy-style bar feels as if it has been around forever, the cocktails are eclectic and so is the music.

This is not the easiest time to launch a new enterprise, especially in this sector and in a busy area like Fortitude Valley. Stranded is a great success and is definitely worth a visit.

You’ll be on top of the world at MAYA

Brisbane is blessed with a good selection of rooftop bars and restaurants, including Cielo Rooftop for cocktails or craft beers at Valley Hops. But none have the incredible views combined with an incredible vibe that you’ll find at MAYA.

This Mexican style restaurant and bar gives you a 270-degree view across Fortitude Valley and the city. It’s open till 11PM during the week and till late from Friday to Sunday. Booking is a must.

Any additional suggestions to recommend?

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