Where To Go In The World For An Offbeat Gambling Experience

Casino enthusiast? For the risk-takers out there, there are 462 casinos in the United States alone to choose from, but don’t limit your traveling to just Las Vegas. You could also try an offbeat adventure that will give you a more unique experience and better stories to tell. Here’s a guide to three of the world’s most unusual and exciting casinos, complete with suggestions on what to pack to make the most of your offbeat gambling experience.

Coober Pedy is great for gambling by day and photography at night
Coober Pedy is great for offbeat gambling by day and stunning nighttime photography

Desert Cave Hotel, Australia

The Desert Cave Hotel and Casino is located in Coober Pedy in the Australian outback, which has attracted visitors in search of its elusive opals for years. Like many of the inhabitants of Coober Pedy, the hotel is primarily located underground. Built into the outback, the casino is also below ground level and is the perfect place to escape the heat and experience dugout gambling. In contrast to most casinos, the Desert Cave Hotel and Casino is not near any major city, which adds to its unique appeal.

Instead of exploring by day and gambling at night, try gambling during the day and exploring at night — or practicing your night photography 😉

Coober Pedy is great for offbeat gambling by day and photography at night
Coober Pedy….the most remote and beautiful offbeat gambling destination that you have never heard of

Casino Jet Lounge

With airlines increasingly adding luxury features to attract high-rolling customers, the Casino Jet Lounge from Airjet Designs takes air travel to another level. Gaming tables, bars, and spaces to move freely during a flight are built into the chic interior design of the plane. It’s the perfect opportunity for ballers who can’t wait to arrive at their destination to let the gambling begin.

No Las Vegas vacation is complete without a little gambling
No Las Vegas vacation is complete without a little gambling 😉

Bally’s, Las Vegas

At first glance, Bally’s in Las Vegasmay not stand out in any spectacular way when compared to the rest of the casinos on the strip, but don’t let first impressions fool you. For Halloween- and horror-movie lovers, this is the ultimate place to gamble in the city, as this Vegas landmark is known to be haunted. Guests frequently report ghost sightings in hallways and stairwells, likely because this is the site of one of the worst disasters in the history of Las Vegas: a fire in which more than 80 people died in 1980. While this casino may not be for everyone, it’s a perfect match for those with a penchant for the paranormal.

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What To Pack For A Casino Trip

A trip to a city like Las Vegas warrants its own special packing list, complete with hangover kits and a camera that works in low light. For a more general idea of what to bring to a casino destination, it’s all about your choice of clothing. Many casinos have specific dress codes, so you don’t want to arrive only to realize that you won’t be allowed inside because you didn’t pack properly. However, perhaps more importantly, make sure your clothing and shoes are comfortable, as comfort boosts confidence, and confidence is key when playing live blackjack 😉

Offbeat Gambling Overview

So there you have it: three unforgettable casino destinations and a few tips on how to make the most of your trip. Whether you’re looking to escape the city and gamble underground, sit at a roulette table on a plane, or share your hotel room with ghosts, there’s a casino to complete your dream offbeat adventure.

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