Why Morocco Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

Morocco is listed prominently on many people’s bucket lists – and for good reason. From the thick forests and picturesque peaks of the Atlas Mountains down through the country’s culture-rich coastal cities and on towards the sandy desert dunes of the southeast, Morocco has something for every type of traveler. The extensive history of the region ensures that there are no shortage of attractions, activities, and adventures awaiting first time visitors. Below are a few of the reasons why you might want to visit this spectacular country for your next vacation.

Varied Geographical Treasures

Morocco offers much more geographic variety than most people think. You can enjoy everything from beachfront retreats and urban jungle adventures to mountain climbing and those infamous camel rides through the desert. Residents and vacationers alike seek out Mediterranean climates purposefully, this geographic region has a perfectly temperate climate that makes all outdoor adventures much more pleasant. It’s warm during the day and pleasantly cool in the evenings, but there are no extremes in the temperature.

Taghazout fishing village on Morocco's Atlantic coast is known for its surf beaches
Taghazout fishing village on Morocco’s Atlantic coast is known for its surf beaches


For being halfway across the world it is actually pretty conveniently located. Nestled in between Africa and Europe makes it more accessible than other exotic locations. Most people also may not realize that it is a short one-hour ferry ride from Spain, meaning it could almost be a day trip for those staying in Granada or along Spain’s well-known coastal towns. But chances are you’ll want to stay at least one night, if not five.

Unique History

The country possesses a unique cultural history and ambiance. One can see both Roman ruins and historical French architecture in a single day trip. The country plays homage to ancient Muslim civilizations. You can walk down cobbled alleyways and see authentic artwork hanging in windows that will make you feel as though you’ve been transported back in time.

Exploring the history and culture of Morocco
Exploring the history and culture of Morocco is a must


Morocco has an irresistible vibrant culture and is very well known for celebrations. One of the most famous of which is moussems, which is a festive religious event. The Tan-Tan moussem has been listed on the Cultural Heritage register for over a decade and people have been known to travel great distances to participate in it. Fes is one of the most well-known Moroccan cities, it’s also one of the most beautiful and it possesses a myriad of cultural treasures.

Snake charmer in Morocco
Snake charmers definitely count as culture 😉

Modern Comforts

Although the country is steeped deeply in its cultural heritage and history, it’s also a modern destination. So you can reap the benefits of modern-day technology and enjoy the comforts of air conditioning and wifi, but still get exposed to authentic history and culture.

Ecologically Conscious

Environmental stewardship is important and there’s an authentic commitment to practicing sustainability in this country. They are committed to supporting an eco-friendly tourism industry and award sustainable businesses for taking leadership in this arena.

The blue buildings of Bouzaafer, Chefchaouen, Morocco
The blue buildings of Bouzaafer
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