Why You Must Visit Jamaica

Jamaica is an island country in the Caribbean Sea that boasts a treasure trove of breathtaking, natural and man-made landmarks, unique artwork, amazing music, and memorable experiences. It is one of the most attractive places in the world, and one destination that rarely disappoints guests. Here is a list of some of the most iconic things to do and see in this reggae nation — consider it your obligatory visit Jamaica travel guide 😉

YS Falls

When visiting a tropical island large enough to have its own rivers and waterfalls, there is no excuse not to explore them. Thankfully Jamaica includes plenty of waterfalls worthy of experiencing. Picture yourself finding refuge from the scorching sun by swimming in a stunning and refreshing lagoon that is complemented by a seven-tiered water cascade.

The seven-tiered YS Falls in St Elizabeth are a must-see if you visit Jamaica
YS Falls, where size is not as important as quantity

Everyone already knows about Dunn’s River, however the YS River and its water chutes in St. Elizabeth are equally gorgeous and definitely worth getting off the beaten path. The trails that lead to YS Falls are easy to walk and offer amazing vista views that you will never be able to forget.

Negril Beach

Negril Beach is one of Jamaica’s most famous touristic hot-spots. It spans from Long Bay to Bloody Bay and consists of blinding white sands and charming groves of coconut palms, which provide access to mesmerizing blue waters. Visitors can enjoy a myriad of activities – from snorkeling to fishing to a variety of different water sports.

Palm trees and blue skies at Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica
Visit Jamaica — because everybody needs more palm trees, blue skies and beaches in their life 🏖️

The Negril Cliffs are in close proximity and provide astounding views of the Caribbean sunset, as well as excellent rock diving opportunities. Some of the finest and most luxurious Vacation Rentals Jamaica has located in the area and will surely provide you with the five-star accommodation that you are looking for.

Fleet Street

Located in Kingston, Fleet Street was once one of the most insalubrious areas in the capital. Today, it is an eclectic thoroughfare covered with extraordinary artwork made by some of the most talented street artists in the country such as Taj Francis, Kokab Zohoori-Dossa, Paige Taylor, Randy Ricers, Jordanne Brandy, and more.

Colorful street art covers Fleet Street in Kingston, Jamaica
Colorful street art covers Fleet Street in Kingston

The street is home to numerous colorful murals that depict the rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as the current social situation in Jamaica. It is undoubtedly one of the most amazing places in the entire Caribbean region, which is why countless travelers and art aficionados from all over the world come to see it.

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Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park

In 2015, UNESCO recognized the parkland as a World Heritage Site, and rightly so. Once a refuge to the indigenous Taino people and former slaves, today the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park (BJCMNP) is a mind-blowing park that is internationally renowned for its biodiversity.

Blue Mountains, Jamaica
Experience the beauty and biodiversity of the Blue Mountains

It is one of the two natural habitats of the swallowtail butterfly (the largest butterfly in the Western Hemisphere) and home to numerous animals, including the endangered Jamaican Blackbird, Jamaican boa, and Jamaican hutia. Visitors can explore coffee plantations, lush rainforests, and climb jungle-clad mountains — including Blue Mountain Peak, the highest point in the country with an elevation of 7,402 feet (2,256 metres).

Blue Mountains, Jamaica
Lost in the Blue Mountains
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The Reggae Scene

Believe it or not, not long ago, it was almost impossible to find a decent venue in Kingston where you could enjoy reggae at its finest. Fortunately, that is not the case today as the city is flooded with top-tier night clubs, bars, and entertainment venues that will make you fall in love again with Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, and other prominent artists. If you visit Jamaica and skip the reggae scene then you have not really visited Jamaica 😉

Every Reggae fan should visit Jamaica, the home of Reggae music
Reggae regularly?

The Inner City Dub on Tivoli Gardens, 63 Spanish Town Road, is a must stop on Mondays, while the Sankofa Sessions will keep you entertained on Tuesdays. From Friday to Sunday you should go to Dub School, Jamnesia, and Dub Club. The latter offers a first-grade ambiance and one of the most striking views of the Jamaican capital.

Port Antonio

Snorkeling, scuba diving, rafting, and hiking enthusiasts adore the village of Port Antonio. The area is less popular than other cities and resorts but still has plenty to offer to its guests in both natural beauty and outdoor adventures.

Scuba diving in Port Antonio, Jamaica
Scuba diving off the coast of Port Antonio

Located between mountains and a double harbor, this former center of banana export is home to numerous natural landmarks and historic man-made sites, including Fort George, built by the British during the 18th century, that wait to be visited and experienced. It has a calm atmosphere that will allow you to recharge. When it comes to Vacation Rentals Jamaica has plenty to offer, and Port Antonio is no exception to this rule.

Jamaica is a beautiful country that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime and now that you know more about it, you can add it to your travel bucket list! Have fun!

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Any other must visit Jamaica destinations?

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