Offbeat San Diego, California Sights and Activities

San Diego is one of California’s most entertaining cities. It can be exciting or relaxing, fun or mischievous, but always an enjoyable and delicious time. While many people come here for the weather and beaches, there is much more to San Diego than simple shoreline. Check out these offbeat San Diego sights and activities to make your next trip to “the Plymouth of the West”

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Experience “The Most Haunted House In America”

The Whaley House in San Diego, the Most Haunted House in America
The Whaley House — otherwise known as The Most Haunted House in America — is definitely a unique, offbeat San Diego activity

Never heard of the Whaley House? Neither had I. Turns out this place has a history to it, and was in fact named “the most haunted house in America” in 2005 by Life magazine. Built back in 1857, the Whaley House was much more than just a mansion. It was the theatre, county courthouse and general store. Unfortunately for the Whaleys, however, many of them lost or took their lives in this same house. Sightings of their ghosts are still reported regularly.

Visit A Cuban Cigar Factory

The Cuban Cigar Factory in San Diego, California
The Cuban Cigar Factory is another offbeat San Diego activity to make your trip more memorable

Don’t worry, it’s perfectly legal. The Cuban Cigar Factory uses Cuban tobacco grown in Honduras, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic combined with traditional Cuban methods and expert rollers from Cuba to produce their cigars. It’s even possible to watch the masters at work, which means you don’t have to be a cigar connoisseur to enjoy a brief visit here.

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Wrestle Your Lunch

Lucha Libre restaurant is one of the most offbeat San Diego restaurants you can find
Lucha Libre, quite possibly the most unique and offbeat San Diego restaurant EVER 😉

What makes good food even better? When you throw in a crazy, quirky environment that overloads your eyes and mind as much as your taste buds. This my friends is Lucha Libre, the most offbeat eatery in all of San Diego. As you may have guessed from the name, this delectable diner has a strong Mexican wrestling theme. In fact they even offer a discount for patrons who dine wearing their favorite lucha mask. Beyond on the flair however are tacos that deliver a smackdown. Definitely the best taco shop in all of San Diego. (Go for the Tap Me Out taco.)

Taste-Test Some Offbeat Beer

Offbeat Brewing in San Diego, California
Offbeat Brewing is keeping San Diego offbeat….and a little tipsy 🍻

Be honest, who doesn’t like a good craft beer? Offbeat Brewing is known for producing top-notch craft ales and just happens to be located in Escondido, in the northern suburbs of San Diego. The founder and brewmaster left Stone Brewing Company to start Offbeat Brewing in 2011. Since then Offbeat has made a name for themselves throughout not just California but also with craft beer enthusiasts throughout the States. Last year while I took a tour through their brewery and sampled their entire line in the tasting room afterward. The winner? Hands-down it’s Bear Arms Brown Ale, one of my favorite beers of all time.

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Stumble Into A Secret Speakeasy

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For a tasty cocktail simply text the number on the website to make a reservation at Noble Experiment, San Diego’s secret speakeasy. Just please don’t post about your visit to social media.



Tijuana, Mexico
Tijuana, Mexico

This Mexican metropolis is located just a short drive or bus ride to the south and is perfect for a day-trip. Eat some delicious food, do some shopping or just soak up the glorious Mexican culture. The only bad part is the traffic jam coming back into the USA, so best to make a day of the trip and return at night.

Any other unique or offbeat suggestions?

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