Some of you may have heard me mention the acronym LBFMPBFR prior to my departure to Southeast Asia, a term I was introduced to by some older friends who spent most of the 1980s stationed in the Philippines and quickly adopted into my vocabulary. It is an absolutely wonderful term, commonly known as LBFM for short. Much to my surprise many people — especially world travelers — are already aware of it.

What does it stand for?   “Little Brown Fucking Machine Powered By Fish & Rice”

To be less vulgar, what it really means is an accommodating Asian woman who will provide enthusiastic sex just because….well, because of many reasons. They each have their own. The point is, unlike women from the West — who require big spending and even then often still will use sex against men by removing it from the equation as some sort of arcane, biologically unnatural punishment — Asian women are a lot more concerned about a man’s most basic needs.

Trust me, I don’t mind moving heaven and earth to provide for you my dear. But I love it when you care for me as well, instead of worrying about your salon appointment. (Trust me, you look gorgeous without it anyway.)

Filipina LBFM

LBFM History

The term “LBFM” was coined several decades ago when Western soldiers were posted to Asia and discovered the joys of LBFM. Having come from lands where women were neither little nor accommodating, young (and not so young) soldiers and sailors very quickly warmed to the LBFM concept.

Believe it or not, as I have learned so far, the availability of enthusiastic LBFM sex also played an indirect role in extending the Vietnam War.

According to historical inside sources, members of the press, the military brass, and even the Embassy personnel slanted their reports to make the war seem ultimately winnable.

Why? They were in no hurry to trade the LBFMs in Asia for the OOSMs (“Over-sized Overbearing Spending Machines”) they had left back home. And I for one completely understand why they were not at all eager to return home to their OOSMs when their tour of duty was over — hell, many never did!

All of my older buddies returned with Filipina wives, except for one who stayed behind in the Philippines….with his new Filipina wife ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can’t say I blame them, either. Personally, I don’t want to return home when this adventure is over. Unfortunately I currently do not have enough funds to live here indefinitely with no job, and I am waaaaay too young to even think about retiring. One day though, one day…

Now, I am sure some of you believe the term LBFM is derogatory, right? Originally, yes I suppose it was. Now, however, it is almost a compliment. LBFMs are great women who will do anything to satisfy their man. But back then, those were the days of “saints and whores”. The good girls back home didn’t put out yet many guys would marry the good girls regardless, in the belief that they will not stray after marriage either. But you have to remember, the good women are not always quality women.

LBFM โ‰  Prostitute

While they both have sexual enthusiasm in abundance, one directs it all towards her man while the other chases that almighty dollar more than love.

Beauty on a beach in the Philippines...definitely an LBFM

I mean, seriously now, LBFMs are fun! I mean fuck, they put out and love doin’ it! And to guys back then who fell for the good girls scam — the “wide-eyes” back home instead of the “slanted-eyes” here. (That’s how they put it, not me. I’m not being racist here folks. Sexist, sure, maybe, but definitely not racist.) Anyway, LBFMs in their opinion weren’t “quality women”.

Many young guys did actually marry an LBFM and brought her home, but other guys maintained the distinction. They did their tour of duty, got lots of LBFM sex, maybe knocked up an LBFM or two along the way, but then headed back to Kansas to marry their college sweethearts — many of whom turned out to have married someone else while her “one and only” was overseas fighting (or at the very least found a new fuck-buddy in the meantime). Me, personally, I am still looking for the LBFM I can call my own, maybe even bring home! ๐Ÿ˜€ (you think I’m kidding but I am dead serious…)

Course, as I have already warned a few of you, after a year or two back in the States I will be moving here. As such, I have decided I do not need to find my wife here, she will still be waiting for me when I return.


All in all, what it really comes down to is LBFM versus OOSM. Having seen all I have seen, the winner is, and always will be, the LBFMs. OOSMs require too much effort and money with not enough return on the investment. They are constantly nagging or in need — or worse, they want to change you to better suit them. By contrast, the LBFMs are completely content with me the way I am, and willing to satisfy my every whim, whether sexual or not… Oh man oh man its fucking great, I don’t know what else to say!

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This post was imported from my old travel blog Shibuya Daze, a drunken, laughable journal intended only for friends that eventually evolved into The HoliDaze travel community. Try reading some of the posts that are not 10 years old — promise they are better ๐Ÿ˜‰

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23 thoughts on “LBFM Vs OOSM”

    • Thanks for the comment but you do realize that you only found this old post because of my new post which includes my Most Controversial Article, correct? And you do realize that in order to even find this post you had to first read my spiel about the previous mixed feedback that I had received for that post — which also includes the part about how I had found an American lady whom has since made me rethink those statements… Still correct? Or did I loose you already?

      So first I must chastise you for doing the one thing I asked you not to. Thx for brightening both our days. Secondly, as original as you may think you are, trust me, I have heard it all before — and if there is anything I hate, it is repetition.

      That having been said, I fail to see what your complaints with my 3-yr-old blog post are, or why you feel the need to bring race as well as dick size into the conversation. Without taking this reply to a-whole-nother level, I can just say neither is an issue heheheh. My only guess can be that you have some insecurities of your own. For that I am sorry, but I cannot help you.

      In conclusion, pls don’t discriminate against me for a single thing because these statements as well as the LBFM and OOSM acronyms have been around since the Vietnam War. Just because I choose to write a non-biased account of them does not mean I promote it.

        • Hmmm.. I sense you are not a world traveler or you would not be reacting so vehemently (especially after all of the aforementioned). That fact right there changes the whole argument…

          If you have not traversed the globe, or at least attempted to, then don’t try and tell me or anyone else here at the Daze about the world. That includes the customs, beliefs, and practices of the indigenous cultures we visit — unless you have been there yourself and can provide firsthand evidence controverting what we say, don’t pretend to know what is really going on. We report it as we see it, plain and simple.

          It’s one thing to recite something you see on the news but it is a far different thing to see it firsthand and be able to say “yes, this is true but this is not because …” That is the whole reason we started this site.

          If you choose to reply again then please engage in a real debate and not just post a single inflammatory sentence.

  1. Lol. I never heard of LBFM until now haha. I take it that you’ve simply put into words how much you adore women who are in touch with their sexuality. Well at least that’s what I get when I read between the lines ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I understand why a lot of women got upset with this post. Still, they should realize they’re the one being worshiped here haha. And seriously? These terms have been around that long?

    • Agreed, Ada what a great way to look at the article. I’m sure if your attitude is like that in general then you were built for traveling and a joy to travel with.

  2. Stumbled across this. Never heard PBFR add-on before. In any case, simply referring to women as LBFM is…I think…still a pejorative in many places. As for extending the notion that LBFM all ‘love to fuck’ for its own regard, I’d say that the jury is out. White men come to SE Asia for cheap sex, mostly. Convincing themselves that the LBFM just can’t get enough white dick is pretty silly. Most sexworkers are there for the income and white men and foreign men are their ATMs. Not that you can’t find plenty of ‘decent’ women, but your chances for a successful relationship or marriage with a Filipina probably go up significantly once you get off the walking streets. Just my opinion. I don’t have any particular objection to men and women coming to have a business transaction of sex for money. Its pretty honest and simple.

  3. Asian ladies really care for their man and that is what is so lacking from most others as the others think of themselves first.

    • Not just “their man” but the entire family — kids, parents, grandparents, even relatives and extended cousins. In some ways the concept of family well-being and togetherness is much more prevalent in Asia than anywhere else in the world. A decade later and I still cannot narrow down why this is. It has nothing to do with nationality, religion or social status but everything to do with Asia. Has nothing to do with economic well-being or technology either, as this same trend is true in other Asian nations which are much wealthier and more advanced than the Philippines, such as Korea and Japan.

  4. Me, I totally agree with the author. The majority of American women (98%) are OOSM’s. (been there done that) I prefer the LBFM anyday. Much more pleasant be around. Very caring, pleasing and devoted, also very dependable. That’s why I have been married to Filipino. They definately win over an OOSM anyday! You will never know unless you experience both, yourself!

  5. I am married to a LBFM, she is the sweetest girl in the world. I know all about the OOSM’s as I had 2, WoW NEVER again would I ever get
    tangled up with an American woman, they just do not know how to treat a man. And they are definitely OOSM’s all the way around!

    • Completely agree, same here. So happy, love my mrs. Been living/traveling around Asia since 2008 and couldn’t imagine life with an OOSM instead, no way. To each their own but white women are just not for me. Anyway, cheers for discovering the one ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Married a Filipino in 1988 in Navy. Not a bargirl/streetgirl. Everything great til she came to the States. Exposure to American materialism turned her into a spender along with begging from multiple relatives. Our food made her oversized. Eventually becoming a religious zealot made her overbearing. Divorce rate for military marrying Asians about 70%. I think too much thinking with the wrong head blinded me to the truth. Sorry for the negative post to a positive website. I know some people happy w/ their Filipino wives.

    • You’re right, life in America can totally ruin a good girl. It’s a shame but it happens. Probably one of the reasons why I haven’t brought my girl to the States yet hahaha ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. “There is a bloody brave little animal called the Honey Bager in Africa. It may be the meanest animal in the world. It kills for malice and for sport, and it does not go for the jugular-it goes straight for the groin. It has a hell of a lot in common with the modern American woman.” Robert Ruark- The Honey Bager

    I love LBFM’s


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