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United States

50 states. 58 national parks. 100s of mountains, 1,000+ islands, and 3.8 million square miles of adventures awaitthat is nearly 10 million square kilometres!

The only downside of traveling around the United States is that its not always easy or convenient because of how massive the country is. Internationally famous places such as California, New York, Florida, and Hawaii are scattered at opposite ends of the country. Rather than trying to visit everywhere, focus instead on discovering the unique and overlooked sights, activities and attractions of a specific city or region.

I spent my teenage years and early twenties traveling the USA on thrill-seeking adventures and adrenaline-chasing road trips from coast to coast, eventually covering 48 of 50 states and countless cities. From unique experiences trimming marijuana in California to exciting spontaneous adventures on a hippie road trip across 30+ states, when it comes to the USA just consider me like Johnny Cash because I’ve Been Everywhere ;)

In other words, feel free to ask if you have any USA travel questions 😃
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