Where Would You Travel If Cost Didn’t Matter?

Let’s say you have a month of freedom…where would you travel to and why? There is only one catch: it is July, the peak of the Western summer, and heat is the biggest factor to consider.

Morong Beach, Sabtang Island, Batanes, Philippines
Morong Beach, Sabtang Island, Batanes, Philippines

Why do I ask? Well, as of now I have plane tickets from Mexico City to Havana. Awesome because I’ve never been to Cuba, but not so awesome because it is the hottest time of the year to visit. And I’ve already been to Mexico over a dozen times…

So please, share your ideas and help me find a more appropriate destination for my summer travels than Cuba 😉

Where would you go? Why?

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10 thoughts on “Where Would You Travel If Cost Didn’t Matter?”

  1. Well, technically this calls for southern hemisphere. Not sure where about you’ve been to, but if MEX is your departing airport….take a Lan Chile down to Santiago and go skiing…or combine a skiing trip to Bariloche, AR with a bit of jungle feeling in Iguazu…. in any case….enjoy!

    • Ooooh interesting idea! I have been wanting to visit Chile for quite awhile now, I might just have to do that. To be honest I totally forgot about South America..was supposed to meet friends in Peru and Colombia but whenever I decided to skip that, I never even gave S.America a second thought. Thanks for the idea!

    • Yup, I want to visit Antarctica too. Plus it’s hot out at home so the cold weather would be very refreshing! But as you said, it is rather expensive. For what it would cost for a brief Antarctica visit I could also spend six months backpacking through Asia… Because of that, I’m going to focus on collecting a few more passport stamps over the next few years before taking that Antarctic plunge.

  2. What about Costa Rica… It is only 2.5 hours from Mexico City and sure you will find some exciting things to do and see!! However, going back to the question, if cost did not matter, the answer will always be the same: travel to a place where memories are born, a place where having a life time is the norm and where what is left is just a strong feeling to go back. Enjoy your travel, as it is the best way to be every step down a better person of each one! Cheers and Pura Vida!

    • I’ve trekked through Costa Rica before, beautiful country…definitely has the best ceviche in the world hehehe. And I like what you said about traveling 🙂 thanks for the comment, best wishes Rolando!

    • Yeah I came home for Christmas but now that it’s cooled off, I’m finally ready to go somewhere warm lol….Caribbean maybe? A li’l bday gift for myself sounds mighty nice right about now…


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