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FriFotos: Perfect Panoramas From All Over The World…But Which Is Perfect For You?

Mount Rinjani and Lombok Island Panorama

Everyone has a different idea of perfection so I’ve compiled perfect sights and times from around the world for this week’s FriFotos theme. Take a look at tell me which one best describes your perfect day? Finding A Perfect Island Paradise? Driving Down A Deserted Road Through A Perfect Landscape? Relaxing On A Perfect Deserted … Read More

FriFotos: Impressive Flames And Unparalleled Fun At Burning Flipside

Burning Flipside Effigy Burn

“What is Burning Flipside?” you ask. Well, it’s the younger sister of Burning Man, the infamous week-long festival celebrating radical self-expression, love, art, and yes, other less than admirable qualities including — but not limited to — excessive drug and alcohol use, nudity, and sex. However if any of my burner (the term for regular … Read More

FriFotos: Enjoying The Frozen Mountaintops Of The World

North Shore Mountains, Vancouver, Canada

When asked to choose between beaches or mountains I invariably opt for higher altitude. Don’t get me wrong, beaches can be nice, but after seeing several hundred all around the world they are essentially all the same — sand and water. However all frozen mountaintops offer both a unique view and a different method of … Read More